Feb 10, 2017

Newly-launched UK fitness franchise is changing the way people work out 

Everyone wants to keep fit, but not everyone likes going to a gym. Well here is some good news… going to a traditional gym is not the only way you can workout.  Increasingly fitness-conscious people want shorter, sharper workout sessions with more proven and targeted results. Enter Beat Theory Fitness®!

Beat Theory Fitness, launched in 2015, has brought a completely new fitness concept to the market here in the UK. Inspired from huge successes in the US, it offers expert personal training in a Group setting. The workouts are based on the ‘Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption’ (EPOC) theory, which keeps your heart beating, pulsing, pumping and burning fat well after the workout has finished.

Ex-professional footballer, Riccardo Scala, is the man responsible for launching Beat Theory Fitness in the UK, and is now in the process of franchising the business after achieving fantastic results in both its studios in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland. Riccardo has been in the fitness industry for over 17 years, and spent over 4 years living and working in California.

He explains: “The way people want to work out is changing forever. When you look at the top 20 fitness trends for 2016; no.1 is wearable technology; no.2 is body weight training; and no.3 is high intensity interval training. Also in the top 10 of the list is personal training and group personal training. So Beat Theory Fitness ticks every box.

“I first came across this concept when working as a Personal Trainer in California, its almost ridiculous how popular this format of working out is over there. It is designed to give you a fun and effective workout, irrespective of your age or ability, as our personal trainers will help you to work to your own goals at your own pace. These sessions combine cardiovascular intervals with strength training to ensure that you see the results you want. You will be provided with heart rate monitors, allowing us to track the intensity that you are working at throughout the session, ultimately maximizing your metabolic burn and letting you know exactly what you have achieved during your workout.” 

“People just don’t have the one-to-two hours a day to go to the gym anymore, but everyone still wants the results.  We are not competing with gyms, as this concept is completely different, basically we are looking to shake up the industry and bring working out into the 21st century”! 

Riccardo says the decision to franchise the business was just the next logical step, and again he took lead from the US where this concept has achieved unparalleled success. Franchisees will enjoy low overheads, low fixed expenses, a compact and attractive studio space and first-class support and training from industry experts. A typical studio is equipped with 10 treadmills, 10 rowing machines, 10 suspension unit systems and a host of free weights and benches. The layout has been specifically designed to achieve the best results. 

To achieve maximum flexibility for clients, booking their sessions is done via the Beat Theory Fitness app which is available both for iOs and Android phones. 

Customers have fundamentally and irreversibly changed the way they buy which means the Health and Fitness industry has to change the way it sells in order to stay relevant. Over the last 2 years the volume of online searches for ‘Gym Membership’ and related search terms has increased by 64% with January 2015 setting a new record high for the industry - up a further 33% compared to January 2014.

At Beat Theory Fitness, typically, there are ten-to-twelve group sessions per day, all with a specialist personal trainer. So any time of day a client wants to workout, there is a session they can attend.

Riccardo adds: “In launching this concept in the UK, it was always my intention to franchise the business as it has worked so well in the US. Beat Theory Fitness is seeking to be the first franchised chain of aggregated studio concepts in the UK, focusing on the whole of the UK market. 

The fitness market in the UK is huge! There are more than 9 million fitness members in the UK, meaning 1 in every 7 people is a member of a fitness club with the total market value now estimated to exceed £4.4 billion. 

We are looking for hungry, hard-working franchisees, who want to take full advantage of these numbers. I truly believe once the knowledge of our concept and franchise system spreads, there is no limit to what can be achieved.”

Franchisees will be given assistance with everything from identifying suitable locations and premises, to training and ongoing operational, business and marketing support. For more information please contact Hannah Jenkins