Platinum Property Partners June National Workshop


Jul 08, 2019


Platinum Property Partners, the fastest-growing premium franchise in UK history, welcomed more than 200 of its Franchise Partners to its annual National Summer Workshop.

Founder Steve Bolton and Managing Director Mike Hedgecox were joined by a host of other speakers, including property market expert and journalist Louisa Fletcher, lettings law specialist David Smith and Jon Tizzard of chartered surveyors Ellis & Partners for a series of talks and sessions on all areas of residential and commercial property investment.

A host of Platinum Property Partners’ most experienced franchisees also outlined their expertise and experience across areas like social media and digital marketing, while Partners took in one-to-one sessions with experts in interior design, ad copywriting, planning and wealth management.

Platinum Property Partners was founded by Steve Bolton in 2007 and has gone on to enjoy unparalleled success over the past decade.

The franchise has created more than 1,000 high-end properties for an amazing 6,000 tenants, with 365 Franchise Partners in the company’s network.

Steve said: “This year’s National Summer Workshop was another huge success and a fantastic two days of networking, learning and, most importantly, fun.”

“Our network of Franchise Partners really is a family and I never tire of hearing of their successes and watching them achieve greater wealth, enjoy more freedom and create lasting legacies for their families.”

“Those are exactly the reasons why I founded Platinum in the first place and our tried, tested and resilient system of residential property investment is still going strong despite political uncertainty, legislative change and economic bumps in the road.”

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