Really Awesome Coffee – Javed Zaidi Case Study


Feb 10, 2017

Javed Zaidi – Weybridge

My professional background prior to setting up Really Awesome Coffee was marketing and sales within the food industry .

Getting started with Really Awesome Coffee was easy due to a proper execution of the franchise plan. Training was very comprehensive which included professional barista training and complete van operation. The team at head office are always available and very flexible and adaptable with the support, they are always just one phone call away.

My daily trade consists of 5?7 hours and 1?2 hours at home for preparation. I love that customers wait for you instead of you waiting for customers. I receive quick feedback from my products and services so I can make improvements on daily basis. My customers are like my business partners, they are suggestive, interactive, supportive and genuinely want my business to grow unlike high street businesses.

The response to my service is always encouraging especially in my area, people appreciate the idea and its presentation. The van features such as the EPoS and the awning certainly makes a lot difference to help provide a good service comfortably. I am working on further expansion and developing more routes for my coffee round and with the support from Really Awesome Coffee I will be able to achieve this in the near future.

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