Baskin Robbins To Double UK Stores


Feb 10, 2017

In a move that seems set to create 400 jobs, the biggest corporate chain of ice-cream stores globally, has released its plans for doubling the number of stores it has in the UK within the three years.

The renowned brand, Baskin-Robbins, which already has one hundred sites in the UK, including shop and cinema concessions and standalone stores and restaurants, has announced its intention to open eighty new franchising units.

This announcement, from the group which also owns Dunkin’ Donuts, comes hot on the heels of three new venue openings in London, Hertfordshire and Middlesex.

The announcements will be greatly welcomed, with the UK’s youth employment figures remaining in excess of one million out of work - and economists believing that the jobless total is set to rise in the forthcoming quarter.

The Chief Executive of Baskin-Robbin’s corporate ownership group, Dunkin Brands - Nigel Travis - explained in a statement that the brand’s further UK growth would provide great opportunities for those keen to develop their own franchised business, with the potential creation of hundreds of new UK jobs.

The company already has over 6,700 retail locations in almost fifty countries worldwide, and is on the lookout for budding entrepreneurs, who combined excellent financial management skills, with a passion for local community involvement.

The latest three venue openings in London, Hertfordshire and Middlesex will all feature Baskin Robbin’s new ice-cream restaurant design, including interactive menu’s, lounge-style seats, and new dessert displays.

The home of Baskin-Robbins is in Massachusetts, where it was founded in early 1945 and has since reported global sales of almost £1.1 billion pounds ($1.8 billion USD) in 2011.