Scunthorpe Franchisee approaches his 3 year anniversary


Oct 09, 2017

Carl Windsor, Local Appliance Rentals: Scunthorpe has seen swift success as a franchisee, from the outset garnering a positive response to marketing.

"The Scunthorpe LAR franchise got off to a great start early March 2015. By following the system to the letter we had a fantastic initial response to our leaflet marketing which converted to 20 contracts being written in month one. Since then we have built on this success by following the system and being systematic in our approach to bedding the business down and putting the back office systems in place."

Carl's systematic approach has led to steady growth with confident plans to continue and build on this early success.

"Some six months in we are able to begin planning our expansion to double and then triple our activity over the next twelve to eighteen months as our sales revenue begins to grow," said Carl.