Second-Generation Ownership for the OSCAR Brand


Feb 10, 2017

When a career change forced Chris McGee to re-assess his options, one franchise in particular came greatly recommended. The OSCAR franchise was already familiar to Chris as his parents, Avril and Peter, had previously owned their own franchised OSCAR business in south Nottinghamshire for over a decade. When they announced that they were finally selling their successful business in order to retire, Chris decided to follow in their footsteps in the neighbouring region just three years afterwards.

Chris had very much enjoyed supporting his parents in their franchise business for eleven years previously, starting at a relatively young age. As soon as he could get involved, he was keen to do so, helping with the store-keeping back-up and managing the holiday cover and breaks. During this period, he enjoyed helping as a change from his regular day job.

But as Chris's own career moved on, he decided that it was time for a rethink and to work with change rather than fight it. He had already worked in sales for many years and knew a lot about dealing with customers successfully. So Chris decided that these were skills that he could use to great effect in his own business. He focused on the success that his parents had experienced with the OSCAR franchise and decided to investigate the possibilities involved within the franchising industry only to find that an OSCAR business in his exact postcode area was available for re-sale! Once again, the signs were too strong to ignore.

Chris explains that he felt no hesitation in taking his interest to the next stage and applying for the area franchise licence. Having worked with his parents for so many years, he believed in the value and proven business model of the OSCAR system and knew first-hand that he would be getting excellent support and communication from the brand's head-office team. He was also confident that his 'insider' business knowledge and previous experience would give him a head start.

Chris is now experiencing the benefits of being self employed and says that he is enjoying the 'best of both worlds'. He works from home as he wishes and plans his time around both family and customers. He also has time to take care of his beloved pets, including his Cocker Spaniel, Woody, who has thrived on the OSCAR brand's food for years!

He explained that his franchise business felt like a change but also had wonderful familiarity and potential for him. Chris now intends to achieve the highest turnover and sales for the brand to maintain his family's successful investment and ownership in OSCAR.

For potential franchisees interested in finding out more, the contact number to receive full information is 0800 068 1106. Here at Franchise Expo we have long been impressed with the OSCAR franchise, which continues to thrive and improve its market share thanks to its strong brand, proven business model, excellent franchisee network and the excellent support and training package provided by the head-office team. We wish Chris luck for the future as he reaps the rewards of self-employment through this business model.