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Feb 10, 2017

Year of the Coyote

Coyote Ugly Opens First Three Franchisee-Owned Bars

In its first full year of international franchising, Coyote Ugly – the rowdy, western-themed bar that celebrates the wild side of American culture – opened three bars in Japan, Kyrgyzstan and Wales.  

“It’s no longer debatable. Not even for a split second. Coyote Ugly is, in fact, the most famous bar in the world,” said Coyote Ugly founder Liliana ‘Lil’ Lovell, noting the brand’s presence in 24 cities and seven countries. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the positive response we've received from franchise owners, and customers alike, who are eating up this whole American idea of Coyote Ugly with the girls and culture.”

Looking to expand upon its success in 2016, Coyote Ugly plans to open at least five additional franchise locations in 2017. Three of those bars are expected to be opened by the franchise owners in Japan, who have already committed to opening 14 additional locations over the next five years. Meanwhile, serious conversations are ongoing with prospective franchisees in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Thailand and Singapore, to name a few.

“Without trying to sound too cliché, the sky’s the limit,” Lovell said. “As our fame continues to grow, so does our pipeline of prospects. We look forward to taking the world by storm one boot-stomping, drink pouring bar at a time.”

After graduating from New York University in 1990, Lovell began her career as a stock broker’s assistant on Wall Street. Making only $250 a week, she moonlighted at an East Village bar where her wild antics – dancing on the bar and yelling at patrons – garnered her more tips in one night than the brokerage paid in a week. By 1993, she had saved about $70,000 and opened the first Coyote Ugly, luring in late night revelers with tabletop dances, bra chandeliers, body shots and its no-rules, raucous atmosphere.

The bar became a national brand in 2000 after Hollywood turned it into a major motion picture. The film – starring Maria Bello as Lil, as well as Tyra Banks, LeAnn Rimes and John Goodman – grossed more than $100 million worldwide.

“The movie gave me opportunities. There was no reason for me to think that I could have taken Coyote Ugly to an international level. I most probably would have never opened it in another city, so what it did was give me the motivation to expand Coyote.”

Today, Coyote Ugly 24 locations operating in seven countries – the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Kyrgyzstan and the United Kingdom.

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