Should couples buy a franchise together?


Jun 06, 2017

For some people buying a franchise together would not appeal because they enjoy having the separation between work and home life and the benefits of having different things to talk about.

Yet couples can and do make excellent franchisees and business partners. Working together can prove to be fulfilling and even bring some people closer together, particularly when they are both working towards a common objective. Having shared aims and objectives brings a sense of purpose and reinforces the satisfaction gleaned from working towards a shared goal.

As with all business relationships there may be a few ups and downs but in general couples working together already have an element of trust and mutual co-operation which is not always the case in un-related business partners.

Any two people working together bring twice as much skill and experience to the table, particularly if they have had different career paths. One partner may be much stronger at networking and bringing in new business while the other likes being the anchor in the office, keeping everything working behind the scenes.

Also it is worth remembering that working together would not necessarily require the couple to work side by side in the same room for eight hours every day. Different abilities and skill sets would enable them to pursue particular roles in the business where they could play to their strengths.

Some couples may hesitate to consider a business together for fear their family life would suffer. However, plenty of couples do manage to hold family life in balance alongside building a successful business. It requires couples to be clear from the outset how they plan to do this so that neither aspect of their life is compromised.

Certainly couples can and do work successfully together to build their franchise and in some cases manage the challenges of a demanding business regime and the joy of raising a family.

The key ingredient here is having the can-do attitude, ambition and vision to see a great future in whichever franchise they choose.

There is nothing quite like being your own boss and having control over your career, your future and your finances. Plus, when it comes to thinking ahead for your children’s future, a successful business is a great gift to pass on and that has got to be another tick in the box.

Written by Mary Wardell

Caremark Limited

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