Six Steps to purchasing an Aspray franchise


Feb 10, 2017

Six Steps to purchasing an Aspray franchise

Buying a franchise is not as simple as handing over the franchise fee and signing the agreement. Top franchises have rigorous recruitment processes in place to make sure they choose the right person for the territory. Aspray have several steps within the recruitment process in order to protect their business integrity and maintain the high standards of chosen franchisees.

Take a look at the six steps to purchasing an Aspray franchise;

Attend a discovery seminar - The discovery seminar is designed not only enable the candidate to establish a greater understanding of the Aspray franchise proposition but, just as importantly, it also allows Aspray to begin to assess your suitability as an Aspray franchisee.

Head office invitation for selected candidates - After the discovery seminar, if the prospect is seen as a possible candidate for the position, they will be invited to a one to one meeting at head office. The Aspray business model and recruitment process is discussed further to provide the potential franchisee with a deeper understanding of the opportunity. At this stage of the recruitment process, the individual is still under assessment on whether they are a suitable franchisee.

Guided due diligence and market research - If the individual is successful, they will receive a call explaining why they have been chosen to complete the due diligence stage of the recruitment process. After the 1-2-1 meeting at head office the franchisee is asked to create a research pack to help them make the decision in regards to whether the Aspray franchise is right for them.

Formal offer and signing of franchise agreement - If the franchisee is successful at this stage, they will be offered their chosen territory and the franchise agreement will be signed. After this, a franchise launch meeting will take place.

Franchisee launch meeting - The launch of your business is aimed at ensuring your local community is aware of the service you offer and understand how to access it. The launch event promotes the Aspray brand in the franchisee’s territory and helps them create interest from potential introducers.

Induction course - Aspray provide the franchisee with BDMA accredited induction training to all the franchisee’s who join the network. This allows them to gain valuable claims handling knowledge from both a technical and practical view point. Practical knowledge is supported by the Broker Assess training modules which benefits the franchisees, to gain a deeper understanding of the UK regulatory framework, TFC, technical aspects of the insurance industry and ultimately the hard work that is needed to be a successful franchisee.

Have you got what it takes to begin your journey to purchase an Aspray franchise? Aspray regularly hold discovery seminars across the UK to provide you with an insight into the franchise opportunity and show why Aspray is a leader in their field.