Students Making Progress: MagiKats Sunderland KS1 student Orla McKernan


Sep 21, 2017

Busy, sports-mad Orla McKernan found concentrating on lessons difficult. It’s no wonder when you are a kinaesthetic learner, and prefer to get stuck-in and have a go!

Worried about Orla’s English literacy and ability to concentrate in mathematics, her parents enrolled her with MagiKats Sunderland for Maths and English workshops in November 2016.

What has impressed the family is the way Orla enjoys her time with MagiKats.

Mum says: “It’s the way you teach them. It’s not super-strict tutoring with my daughter sitting there doing silent work. MagiKats uses all the learning strategies and styles which suits Orla.”

Orla likes the access she has to her mentor and the variety of tasks she gets to do. At each workshop she can ask questions, get a demonstration of a concept, and do fun activities.

MagiKats Sunderland Principal Kathryn Mellett says: “Initial assessments of Orla showed she was a very capable Year 2 student. She was worried about the best way to remember concepts, but it turned out she had some learning gaps. Not understanding why this was the case, meant she would look for ways to distract herself or avoid doing challenging activities.”

MagiKats uses a multi-sensory learning environment which helps students like Orla retain information and concepts. It’s also a fun way to learn new things. Eight months later, the improvement in Orla’s approach to learning is very noticeable.

Mum says: “We’re very happy with Orla’s progress. She’s enjoying it and that’s really important. We’ve seen an improvement in her confidence and ability to apply learning strategies when at school and in her homework. There’s a lot less frustration and more can-do.”

Orla is feeling reassured about her maths and English subjects. She suffered a multitude of teacher changes in Year 1 which meant concepts that should have been taught were missed. MagiKats identified what she needed to do to fill these learning gaps.

Kathryn says: “Over the months she has been attending MagiKats I can see the progress she is making, particularly in her own self confidence and her “have a go” attitude. Now she is keen to give even some of the most tricky tasks a try – and she can do it!”

MagiKats offers every student the chance to ‘learn without limits’. Our maths and English programmes are created for each individual. Their needs, their learning goals, their confidence.