Students Making Progress: MagiKats Sunderland KS2 student Abi Tweedy


Sep 21, 2017

Abi Tweedy: “I like going because it helps me improve with mathematics things I’m stuck on!”

Sometimes, it’s nice to hear about it from them.

At MagiKats Sunderland, shy student Abi Tweedy took the brave step of going to a maths workshop for KS2 help with SATS. Abi received progress reports at school and the pressure of SATS meant she was panicking about mathematics homework. At times, at a loss to finish, she would cry tears of frustration. That was back in November 2016.

Mum says: “My daughter was lacking in confidence and struggled with basic numbers. We experienced endless tears.”

Abi hated maths. She found it did not ‘click’ with her no matter how hard she listened in class. She was scared to have a go, worrying the answer was wrong.

MagiKats Sunderland Principal Kathryn Mellett says: “Because Abi felt so unsure of herself, her parents were concerned her whole attitude towards school in general would go down. Abi was extremely nervous about joining us, but through patience and being able to learn through fun games and exercises, Abi started experiencing success. This was crucial to building her confidence.”

Eight months later, Abi couldn’t be more different.

Mum says: “We have seen improvements. Abi has reached top marks in maths assessments (97%). MagiKats helped her to develop a confident and mature attitude towards her maths. She can now accept praise (where she experienced anxiety before). She tells us she enjoys the sessions and the information ‘sinks in’ better. The teachers tell us there’s been a massive improvement at school and in her general manner.”

Abi is happy progressing at her own speed and on her own individual MagiKats Maths programme. She uses the homework extras from MagiKats to learn – without worrying if the answers are wrong. She always asks questions when she attends her workshops.

Kathryn says: “Now I see a happy, confident, smiling Abi arriving for her mathematics workshop. She’s shown me her Headteacher awards from school (for maths) and I can see how thrilled she is to be coming top of the year. Mum and Dad are very proud and so are we!”

MagiKats offers every student the chance to ‘learn without limits’. Our maths and English programmes are created for each individual. Their needs, their learning goals, their confidence.