The TaxAssist Accountants Recruitment department shortlisted for a British Franchise Association Franchisee Recruitment Award.


Feb 10, 2017

The Norwich based team are excited to have won through to the finals after a successful year which saw good numbers of quality people joining the franchise, new innovations and improvements to processes and materials and new support initiatives rolled out for new joiners.

In order to win the award, TaxAssist has to demonstrate effective and responsible franchisee recruitment to the judges who are looking for a good lead generation, qualification and selection process, but most importantly, how the right selection has resulted in successful franchisees downstream.  The winner will need to evidence that this isn't just about the process, it is about recruiting the right franchisees for the long haul and showing how they have helped franchisees to achieve success.

TaxAssist will present to a judging panel of industry experts on 12 & 13 April, with winners announced at a black-tie dinner on 23 June in Nottingham.

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