The Wealth Dragon Way


Feb 10, 2017

British self-made millionaires, ‘Wealth Dragons’ John Lee and Vincent Wong, challenge traditional perceptions of WEALTH in a new Wiley book

-The Wealth Dragon Way is an essential guide to the psychology of money and success and how to achieve infinite wealth -


The Why, the When & the How to Become Infinitely Wealth by JOHN LEE AND VINCENT WONG

Do you have a positive attitude to wealth? Does your relationship with money feel good? If you did not answer YES immediately to those two questions, you should read THE WEALTH DRAGON WAY... a new book that revolutionizes the way we should approach wealth. 

Published by Wiley worldwide this June 2015, THE WEALTH DRAGON WAY – The Why, the When & the How to Become Infinitely Wealthy, has been written by two self-made British millionaires, ‘Wealth Dragons’ John Lee and Vincent Wong, to help both existing and aspirational entrepreneurs better understand their relationship with money and success. And, in doing so, help them create infinite wealth: both for now and in the future.

For some, investing in financial education, self-development and understanding their emotional relationship with money and success comes as second nature. For others, money is a dirty word and ‘success’ is not part of the daily vernacular. This new book will help people from all walks of life challenge life values and more, through the authors’ poignant and heartfelt life story ‘shares’ as well as tried and tested investment techniques.

Commenting on the launch of this book, co-authors, John Lee and Vincent Wong, said:-

“We are both delighted and proud that THE WEALTH DRAGON WAY is being launched this year and we thank our publishers Wiley for their support. We hope that this, our first collaboration, has a positive impact upon many people’s lives, regardless of their age, background or current financial status. We all have a ‘moral obligation’ and responsibility to become ‘Wealth Dragons’ and create wealth. Not just for ourselves and our loved ones but in order to help foster a new, more positive global order.

“The world is an ever decreasing circle and, as successful individuals, we believe that each and every one of us has a responsibility to help others, sharing the gifts with which we have been bestowed. For John Lee and Vincent Wong, these gifts are the three ‘I’s’: Inspiration, Information and Infinite Wealth. We look forward to hearing reader feedback”, added the authors.