Two additional Coffee-Bike newcomers for Regensburg and Bremen


Feb 10, 2017

Stefan Kiefer and his Coffee-Bike in front of the Regensburg cathedral

Two more Coffee-Bikers have started their operations: Stefan Kiefer in Regensburg, Southern Germany and Dirk Steilen in Bremen, North Western Germany.

Stefan Kiefer has always been passionate about riding a bicycle and he just loves a good cup of coffee. Hence, it is hardly surprising that he cycled all across Italy in the summer of 2015. Stefan was delighted by all the people enjoying their coffee specialities always and everywhere.

At a later time he came across an article featuring the Coffee-Bike franchise and he came to the conclusion that he wanted to spread the same enthusiasm he had experienced in Italy among the people of Regensburg. All in all a lovely combination of both passions.

Stefan sees an important advantage in the uniform appearance of all Coffee-Bikes and the associated value of brand recognition. Moreover the experiential value of the company convinced him since by now the Coffee-Bike franchise has about 120 franchisees in eleven countries worldwide.

Stefan Kiefer can be booked for all kinds of events and caterings. Moreover he has a fixed location in the city centre of Regensburg as well as in the nearby city Neutraubling.

Another Coffee-Bike newcomer is Dirk Steilen. He and his wife Dana have already started the operation of their second Coffee-Bike in Bremen, North Western Germany.

Particularly the high quality of the certified organic coffee convinced the married couple: “The best coffee I have ever drunk and my customers confirm this every single day”, says Dirk.

The decision to start with a second Bike was a speedy one: “After one month of operation, we were already negotiating about a second Coffee-Bike in Bremen”, rejoices Tobias Zimmer, CEO of Coffee-Bike, “None of our franchisees became a multi-unit entrepreneur more quickly than Dirk.”  

The couple is catering various weekly markets, festivals and exhibitions in Bremen and surroundings. Moreover they are catering all kinds of private or corporate events in the Hanseatic City of Bremen. 

About Coffee-Bike:

The young start-up company from Osnabrück, Western Germany, was honoured several times for their innovative mobile coffee-shop business model and successfully established the Coffee-Bike in numerous European countries. 

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