Using specialist experience to achieve a six figure career


Feb 10, 2017

Working as a copier and print service specialist for people like Xerox and Xeretec for over 20 years, Andy Kinnear had acquired a wealth of expertise and experience. However, he had never been in a position to do the job the way he wanted to, giving his clients the best advice even outside his own area of expertise. But that all changed when he discovered ERA in 2013.

“I’d wanted to move on for some time but hadn’t got the ‘idea’,” says Andy. “I don’t see myself as a true entrepreneur, so when I came across ERA it was almost a light bulb moment, a moment of inspiration. I was able to see how I could use my expertise to add value to the network as a specialist, working to improve clients’ businesses.”

Following the realisation of how his existing skills could forge an exciting, more rewarding career, Andy joined the ERA network and undertook the comprehensive training on offer. He also benefitted from the regular support and personal development sessions provided by the group head office.  

“The support has been great,” continues Andy. “The Academy, conference and personal development sessions have helped me to make the most of the market’s potential. You also have access to the network’s vast range of expertise.”

One of the truly exceptional aspects of working with ERA is the ability to collaborate with experts from other niches, Andy continues “It’s nice to know that when I gain a client and win their trust in my own area of expertise, if I identify other areas of need then I can call on specialists who share my ethos and who work in my client’s best interests helping me secure long term relationships not just short term wins.”

Andy has already met his first year income target and with projects typically providing residual income over a 2-3 year period he can forecast meeting his second year targets and confidently expects to break into six-figure earnings in his third year.

As a keen cyclist, Andy was took part in the ‘Race The Sun’ charity event this year with other members of the ERA team. “Being able to relax other franchise partners and guys from head office outside of a work environment was fantastic – fortunately I was able to arrange time within my schedule to train properly and so enjoyed taking part rather than just surviving as I have done in similar events previously.”