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Jan 18, 2019

New Eazi-Apps Customer Testimonial

(Abacus Financial Crime Advisory)


In order to help partners sell apps to businesses, Eazi-Apps regularly adds new testimonials from businesses worldwide who have benefitted from their Eazi-Apps mobile app solution. The latest addition to this list of video testimonials from happy customers is that of Abacus Financial Crime Advisory. This innovative South African company have seen significant improvements to customer engagement since having their app published to the app stores. In the video, they express how cost effective their new mobile solution was to have developed and how useful the functionality is to both their staff and customer base respectively.

Preparing professionally filmed and edited video testimonials is merely one of the ways in which Eazi-Apps supports its partners’ marketing process. It provides social proof of the effectiveness of the solutions they offer and illustrates the diverse capabilities their mobile app could provide. Alongside the extensive marketing resources included in the Eazi-Apps Business-in-a-Box solution, these video testimonials are a powerful sales tool. Eazi-Apps also supplies its partners with a stunning lead generation website, industry specific brochures spanning over 50 business types, business cards, presentations and other printed and electronic marketing tools to help promote their services.

The Eazi-Apps Business-in-a-Box consists of everything needed to launch and manage a successful app-building business with no technical skills required; a powerful app-building platform, industry leading live training, an online learning academy, education around technology and sales, a mentoring programme, regular development sessions and all of the marketing resources and business stationary required. So far, Eazi-Apps has helped over 250 people worldwide fulfil their potential and launch successful businesses.


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