‘We wanted to be in control of our destiny’


Feb 10, 2017

Hampshire-based Carl Bowen and Lucille Victor joined the Auditel Cost Management Franchise in September this year. Although they were running their own business, offering independent green deal energy advice, they had started to consider a franchise opportunity.

Carl and Lucille explained: “We were looking for a business that was professional and were particularly impressed with the whole team at Auditel. The lonely existence of being in business entirely on our own did not appeal and we liked their network and support mechanism, which still allowed us to be in control of our destiny. We had done our homework and we had found two possibilities but Auditel just seemed to fit the bill for us. It was even a business that we could operate from home!”

Asked about the training, Carl said: “It was fantastic! It was very, very challenging and very thought provoking. It gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you do things you don't want to do but at the end of the week you look back and discover what you got out of it. You really appreciate how you have developed as a person and how your thought processes have improved.”

Carl and Lucille are very optimistic about the Auditel concept. Lucille says: “According to a survey conducted on behalf of Auditel by Management Today in 2013, 70% of all organisations asked, have no cost management strategy in place. Yet 8 out of 10 have it on the boardroom agenda. Over 65% of them now recognise that when carried out by experts, cost management really can accelerate performance, improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage. We are very excited about offering our services to clients and showing them what can be achieved with the Auditel, the pioneers of strategic cost management!

Matt Sidwell, Auditel’s UK and Ireland Network Development Director, adds: “Like Dean Cooper who joined us at the same time, Carl and Lucille were seeking to be in control of their destiny. They and many others, have chosen this franchising route, with its exceptional network and support system. If you are interested in hearing more about the Auditel concept, visit us at one of our Discovery Seminars. We shall be delighted to see you!”