Why Franchisees need to make the transition to business owners


Feb 10, 2017

Franchisees come from all walks of life.  Some have previous business or commercial experience while many may have worked for the public sector, for example in the Armed Forces, or indeed the private sector. Fundamentally we have however identified that even for someone coming from the corporate world there needs to be a process which takes them from being an employee to becoming a business owner and entrepreneur.

For this reason Signarama, the world’s largest sign making franchise, has invested heavily in a professional mentoring programme.  Sunil explains: “There are a very particular set of skills needed to become a business owner.   We have brought in specialist mentors to educate our franchisees how they can become business owners and entrepreneurs.  It is a move which has really paid off as franchise owners take greater responsibility and ownership for their businesses with the result that their revenues have increased significantly.”

He added: “We also believe strongly that franchise owners should support each other and share best practice.  Every year we hold our world expo which is attended by our franchisees worldwide. Impressively there are over 900 franchise owners worldwide.

Here we showcase new ideas, new products and innovations in the sign sector.  It is now the largest privately held signage exhibition in the world.  Over the 25 years we have been in business we have made the mistakes and refined the business model so that franchise owners do not need to repeat them.  Our confidence in the long-term future of our business is demonstrated in the fact that we have one of the longest franchise agreements in the industry.

Signarama is a member of the British Franchise Association.

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