Yellow Box Fundraising Launches in the UK


Feb 10, 2017

Yellow Box Fundraising is proud to officially launch an exciting, commercially sound business opportunity! We are looking for self-motivated, ambitious individual’s that consider themselves friendly and outgoing by nature. We will provide you with thorough training to equip you with the skills and tools to efficiently deal with all aspects of the business. Importantly, we will be there with you every step of the way as your new business blossoms and will directly help contribute to your personal and professional development.

So what does a Yellow Box business entail?

We provide free, fully serviced snack facilities to businesses all around the UK along with an effective corporate and social responsibility solution, by significantly contributing to local and national charities. Some of our clientele include Tesco and G4S, one of the world’s biggest security companies.

Why should you apply for a Yellow Box Franchise?

Our Yellow box dispensers run themselves, requiring neither power nor attention. They carry an ample amount of four varying products as chosen by the businesses themselves. These include confectionery, healthy snacks or novelty products and only require monthly servicing due to the large product capacity. Yellow Box dispensers are user friendly, robust and very reliable.

Workplace vending is a rapidly growing market. The convenience and security of our Yellow Box dispensers combined with a world-wide proven business model has resulted in a significant demand for our service. Should your application for a Yellow Box Franchise package prove successful, you will immediately get a sense of how support focused we are. Training will be provided through a thorough 4-day programme, which includes the world leading Brian Tracy “Perform at your Best” professional development system and as part of the package, we will also provide 125 pre-sold sites for your new equipment.

Not only is this a prosperous business opportunity, it is also profoundly rewarding work, allowing you to contribute to your community and provide much needed help to charity.

So don’t delay, contact Paul at Yellow Box today for more information