Young mum achieves excellence in recruitment industry


Feb 10, 2017

A young mum who began a new career just under a year ago has reached a stunning milestone in her professional journey. 

Kym O’Shea has just been presented with a Silver Award for Recruitment Excellence from the Kent based Prima Ardelle Recruitment Consultancy, having only been their Senior Recruitment Adviser since November 2014. 

After previously working a 60 hour week in London, the new role suits both her lifestyle and her financial needs as a young working mother. 

Kym says: “I’m so pleased with everything I have achieved this past year, which goes to show that loving your job really does make all the difference. The family­friendly hours mean I have a nice work/life balance, which is ideal so I can spend quality time with my young daughter whilst enjoying a rewarding and dynamic career.” 

Prima Ardelle introduced the awards to recognise the financial impact their staff make to the business. The Silver Award equates to Kym banking in excess of £50,000. She is due to qualify for her Gold Award over the next coming weeks, when she will have personally banked in excess of £75,000.   

Prima Ardelle director, Martin Wood, says: “Kym is an excellent example of an individual who has taken on board our training and development programme and applied it to achieve these  excellent results. The award is fully deserved.   

“Everyone at Prima Ardelle Associates is aiming to achieve the top Platinum Award, which is awarded upon personally banking in excess £100,000. This is a life changing amount of income for our selected franchise people looking to operate an easy to run Prima Ardelle Associates recruitment business.” 

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