Achieve ultimate freedom with your own eCommerce business


Feb 10, 2017

Would you like to grow your income while living a life you love? Are you ready to invest in building a flexible business that will free you from the rat race? If so, read on. 

Platinum eCommerce Partners (PeP) provides you with a proven and simple recipe for achieving the ultimate freedom. You will be able to achieve a level of financial independence for your ideal life style, have enough time to do the things you want and enjoy and be wherever you want to be at any given time. 

You can achieve all of this by joining the Platinum eCommerce Partners franchise. 

Our mission is to show you how to tap into the enormous – and growing – potential of online selling and build a profitable and sustainable business for the long-term. 

We’ve learned exactly how the online marketplace works, and what you need to know and do to make it work for you. We can make easy work of learning the model which means you can be up and running very quickly. 
We will teach you how to sell products online without having to make, handle or ship them. You’re probably thinking that sounds easy. Correct. But currently 99% of those running their own online business aren’t selling enough products and generating enough income to significantly change their lives and achieve financial independence. They are often struggling with suppliers and processes and having to learn the hard way.  

Our franchise model gives you a unique blend of expert training and support and all the tools you need to start and grow an enjoyable business of your own that gives you a level of income you want. We know what the risks are and we know how to mitigate these so you can enjoy the maximum return and, ultimately, long-term success. 

We’ll show you the right way to: 

1.Set up a tax-efficient eCommerce business
Making money is an important skill but knowing what income you generate and how to keep it is another. How you set up your business today may impact how you can sell or pass it on at a later. We provide specialist support that will guide you through business set up, from which company structure to follow and becoming VAT registered to insurance and limited liability requirements. 

2.Discover the right product and price point
We’re experts at identifying market trends and products that are in high demand. We know what type of buyers to target and how much they are willing to pay for products. We know what suppliers and manufacturers will sell you the best products at the best price to increase your profit margin.
3.Create your own brand
We’ll teach you how to cost-effectively create your own brand, locate the right private labeller and make products your own. You’ll find out what packaging works and how to create perceived value. 
4.Optimise your product listing
We have determined the best way to help you get your products to the top of the listings. We know what images and keywords to use, how to position your brand and product, how to attract more online shoppers and of course, covert them into buyers.
5.Get seen
From five star reviews and excellent customer service to online adverts and re-marketing strategies, we’ll show you how to maximise traffic to your product pages and keep buyers coming back.
6.Diversify your portfolio

One of the most important principle for success in eCommerce is to build a balanced portfolio or products. Having a diverse range of products builds resilience in your business and once you have some traction, you will understand the importance of this. Resilience helps to take the pressure off too. It means you are not reliant on one product to be a star performer, spreading your risk. 

Joining PeP means you’ll be able to manage a successful business and spend more time with the people you love, doing the things you love doing. You’ll be in control; choosing how quickly and how much you grow and earn, working when and where it suits you. And you’ll be part of a support network you can depend on. 

Our complete package of training, mentoring and advice is delivered by our coaches - seasoned and successful online sellers who have their own eCommerce businesses and have already trained over 2,000 people to do the same. 

From day one you’ll also have the support of our Power Team - a group of industry experts and service providers who can support you in growing and running a successful business. 

We’ll give you everything you need to do well – after all, your success is our success.

If you’re open to learning, determined to do well and up for a new venture that will change your life, we’d like to talk to you. We’re looking for people who are ambitious, committed and want to be part of a community of successful, likeable people working towards similar goals. 

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