Agata reflects on two years operating as a No+Vello Franchise Owner


Feb 10, 2017

Agata Loskarova opened her No+Vello clinic in Aberdeen two years ago. She says “Even with being open for two years we are getting busier every day and have ambitious growth plans for further developing our centre.” When asked why she chose to open a No+Vello Clinic Agata says “I wasn’t really looking for a franchise business specifically. I was managing a fast food business at the time. My business partner heard about No+Vello in Spain and I just loved the concept of the opportunity and recognised the potential of what was then an emerging technology, I couldn’t resist!” The first No+Vello clinic opened in Spain in 2007, and the company has gone onto to open over 1,300 centres in 16 other countries. The ever increasing demand for IPL hair removal treatments, recent statistics suggest that that more than 80% of women and 50% of men have unwanted hair on several parts of their bodies, offer opportunities for continued growth. By following the proven business model franchise owners such as Agata have the freedom to run their own profitable businesses. Although originally attracted by the fact that No+Vello specialised in IPL hair removal treatments, she now feels that her clients trust her centre “to do a good job” and is looking forward to adding new treatments to her service offering as well as adding two more treatment cabins to the Clinic. “Eventually I’d like to open another Clinic” says Agata, an aim that fits in with No+Vello’s ambition for the franchise owners to operate multiple centres over several sites. So what has owning a No+Vello Clinic done for her? “At the moment we are so busy that I don’t have time for hobbies! But I know that soon I will be able to take a step back and enjoy the benefits of all the hard work.” “I think that No+Vello is going to grow, and grow very quickly. It’s a great opportunity and the price is extremely affordable. It’s an amazing opportunity for an average Joe to be able to run his or her own business.”