Aspray Franchisee invoices £152,277.64 in just one month!


Feb 10, 2017

Aspray offer a high-end income opportunity for credible and driven individuals who are happy to ensure the “best interests of the customers” are paramount to every element of their role. If you have the desire to be paid what you are worth and earn a life-changing income then a franchise with Aspray may well offer you the future you crave.

The director of Aspray Derby, Alan Barker, announced that he reached his best invoicing month to date since joining the Aspray network, invoicing £152,277.64 in just one month in 2015. Alan has always set himself the goal of reaching £100,000 in one month, and he has exceeded his own expectations spectacularly. “I feel fantastic! It’s a goal that you set and hope you achieve, and July is meant to be a quieter time of year!” We spoke to Alan to find out how he has hit his record month and about his time as an Aspray franchisee.

Alan became an Aspray franchisee back in 2008, his extensive property knowledge provided him with the foundations to become a successful franchisee. Alan said he has a “huge amount of business building and business development experience all based on the property side of the business.”

Alan explained that the “problem solving and negotiation skills” he had gained throughout his business development experience have significantly helped him achieve the success he has had as an Aspray franchisee. Alan also explained “the most beneficial method that helped me achieve this figure was down to referrals and networking.” Alan reiterated the importance of building rapport with his customers in order for them to instil their trust in him and the Aspray service. Alan said “it is very important to build relationships with your customers.”

Alan was initially drawn towards the Aspray franchisee opportunity when he decided he “wanted to help people who were not in the position to help themselves.” Further to this Alan said “I was very happy with the business model that was presented to me at Aspray and it really appealed to me. But importantly, I was very happy with the integrity of James, the founder of Aspray and I knew I was willing to work alongside him.”

When Alan was asked what advice he would give to a prospective franchisee he simply said “persevere and believe till the end!”

Are you tired of not getting paid what you are worth and want to join an exciting franchise? For those individuals who are ready to invest in themselves and start their own property claims management business with a high end earning potential, the time could be now! Contact Aspray today!