Ghassan Barazi - Plan Ahead Events


Feb 10, 2017

Mr. Ghassan Barazi did not start out necessarily seeking another master license franchise opportunity to his portfolio. His previous employment had him associated with the laser corrective eye industry where he grew a small business into a very large, national concern over a few years time. He exited that industry and made a nice return on the business he built. Looking for another challenge, he inquired about the master license rights to SIGN-A-RAMA for all of Canada.

Already previously acquired the master license rights to SIGN-A-RAMA, the world’s largest sign franchise brand for Canada, he is fully occupied growing and expanding this dynamic brand nationwide.

However, as fate has a way of intervening in our lives, Ghassan was introduced to PLAN AHEAD EVENTS purely by need and circumstance. His Canada head office is located in the city of Toronto and he and his staff administer support from there. Looking to arrange a regional franchisee support meeting last year, he spoke to a colleague of his for a recommendation on an event planner to assist him with the preparations of the meeting. His friend had utilized the services of a PLAN AHEAD EVENTS franchisee for one of his own conference needs and the experience was very professional and pleasant.

Ghassan knew that PLAN AHEAD EVENTS was a sister franchise of SIGN-A-RAMA and he felt very comfortable in contacting them for assistance. Well, the experience was just as professional and pleasant as what his colleague described. Realizing that there was not a master licensee yet appointed for Canada, he inquired about the possibility of the master license and was awarded the rights.

Since late 2012, Ghassan has actively been offering PLAN AHEAD EVENTS franchise licenses in Canada and is doing quite well. Having two dynamic master license opportunities for the country keeps Ghassan and his team quite busy and the future looks very bright for this true, “entrepreneur”.