Jane Heath, Director of Brilliant at Bookkeeping in North Staffordshire


Feb 10, 2017

As a mum of two, Jane Heath, decided to set up her own franchise business with Brilliant at Bookkeeping because she wanted to have her own business, giving her the flexibility she needed as a working parent of two small children. Jane has spent the last 16 years working her way up the internal accounts department at a local firm, Etex. She started there are a trainee, but reached the heady-heights of operational accountant before she decided to strike out on her own with Brilliant at Bookkeeping.

Jane says: "I wanted to join Brilliant at Bookkeeping because the support that the company provides is amazing. With the network that the franchise provides, despite the tough times many other small businesses are facing, I am confident that we will be profitable in double quick time."

Jane is setting up the business with her own personal savings, and is a fully qualified management accountant, having gained her CIMA qualification before starting her career with Etex. However, the beauty of Brilliant at Bookkeeping is that you don't need to be a qualified accountant to join. All of the franchise owners are given full training and assistance as soon as they start. Brilliant at Bookkeeping prides itself on the approach it has to bookkeeping. The company offers jargon free and transparent services to its clients; where cost of service is agreed up-front.

The region that Jane is going to be working in is likely to offer her an interesting challenge due to the wide-range of clients she is likely to come across. However, she can't wait to get her teeth stuck in and says it’s going to be a “mixed bag” that she can’t wait to get going with.

Jane says:

"I have always loved my job, but I missed meeting new people at Etex. This region has such a wide range of different types of businesses that I am sure I will enjoy the variety of work I am exposed to. In my previous job, I didn't get the opportunity to go out and meet my clients. Now I will get to help people from a variety of industries and backgrounds."

Jane was drawn to Brilliant at Bookkeeping because of its great brand reputation, which has become synonymous with honest, and straight-talking accountancy services. She also liked the fact that it’s all set up so that she can start working quickly - she is determined to give her new clients a superb service to carry on the franchise's tradition.

Jane concludes: “As someone who lives on the border between Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire Moorlands – with countryside on one side and industrial on the other, Brilliant Bookkeeping gives me the opportunity to get to know lots of local businesses and help them grow. In working with me, a business will know that they don’t have to worry about their bookkeeping – they will be able to concentrate on growing their own business instead.”