John Galvin - Lawnscience


Feb 10, 2017

Lawnscience - A Lawn and Gardening Care Franchise

Managing the buying function for an international retailer can take a toll on family life. Trotting around the globe is really exiting when you are young, but as his family started to grow John Galvin re-assessed what was really important in his life and it certainly was not waiting around in airport lounges. His company was restructuring so when the possibility of a redundancy package arrived, it gave John the opportunity he had been waiting for. John comments; "I'd always wanted the chance to run my own business, where I could really benefit from my efforts."

John had previously looked at establishing his own business but then decided that franchising offered the perfect opportunity to be able to run his own company, but not entirely on his own. John and his wife, Gill, started to investigate the options and when he came across the lawn care industry it seemed to offer him exactly what he was looking for. "As a young student I had worked part-time with a local landscaping business, it was probably the best job I ever had, with lots of fresh air and a great sense of achievement when I could stand back and see the results of my hard work."

Having met with several Lawn care franchisors John and Gill chose Lawnscience as their franchise partner. "It was the quality aspect of the business that decided it for me. We had always worked in respectable businesses and I wanted my new business to offer the highest quality service to my customers. Terry, the M.D at Lawnscience, also had a singular dedication to working with the best suppliers. When establishing his business he could not find a software supplier in the UK that could provide him with the system he needed, so he sought out the world's leading lawn care software from the USA and bought that. That's the attention to detail I like."

Now in his second year of operation John has no regrets. " Yes, running your own business is hard work, but the sense of achievement you get from creating and growing your own business is second to none and the best thing is you are in control."

John's advice for potential new business owners would be; "Think it through carefully, because it is a big step. Follow the proven system and your business will be successful. If you do this, it's not complicated running your own business, and once you experience the freedom that you have running your own business you will never want to go back to working for someone else."