Jonathan Jackson - Expense Reduction Franchisee


Feb 10, 2017

Cost Reduction Expert Jonathan Jackson chooses Expense Reduction Analysts over cost management competition.

Jonathan Jackson spent eight years working as a consultant within cost reduction, with his considerable experience and knowledge of the sector, has chosen Expense Reduction Analysts as the franchise opportunity for him.

“I’ve already been a franchisee from 2002 with Profit Focus; a company that said they did a similar thing to Expense Reduction Analysts’ however, in 2010 the master franchisor went out of business. In hindsight I should have joined Expense Reduction Analysts in 2002 when I first looked at them!

“In late 2011 after taking some time off work to spend with my family, I decided that I wanted to get back into cost reduction and remembered Expense Reduction Analysts fondly from my due diligence the first time round. I also looked at the Auditel franchise opportunity and a couple of smaller business broker style franchises too.

Why I joined Expense Reduction Analysts

“Expense Reduction Analysts is still at its heart a family run company; everyone is so friendly and happy to share ideas and best practice. It really is a network of people working together as a group rather than individuals all competing against one another for the same work and clients. Having looked at other cost reduction franchises again 10 years on, I still felt that Expense Reduction Analysts were ahead of others in this market.

“One franchisee asked me to join him for a business meeting to experience what it is like to be an Expense Reduction Analysts consultant. Everyone within Expense Reduction Analysts has the same ‘go-ahead’ mindset, each consultant and group office employee wants to be successful, and understands the level of work required to make this business a triumph and is proactive in their approach.”

Economic Climate

“When you look at Expense Reduction Analysts it becomes clear to see that they have continued to develop their business offering whereas the others in the market have stuck to more of the same and failed to innovate.

“Expense Reduction Analysts have a wider depth and breadth of categories that are available with over 100 areas providing more opportunities for income. It became apparent that competitors mainly focus on utilities and telecoms, even though they have tried to align themselves with Expense Reduction Analysts. However, the reality is that Expense Reduction Analysts has such a broad base of cost categories that their competitors are such a long way behind as they are still focused on a heavily saturated market, where there are lots of business brokers vying for the same work as them.”

Professional support when I need it

“When I was looking at whether I should invest in a franchise, there was always the option of starting my own cost reduction business as I have a considerable amount of knowledge and experience already.

“I made a ‘shopping list’ of the things that mattered most to me, and what I really wanted was the support of a large network of consultants who are experienced in more than just utilities and telecoms; the tools that make the business work; and the right type of head office support from a vibrant, enthusiastic team that treat me more than just another franchisee.

“Expense Reduction Analysts ticked all of these boxes and is a fantastic franchise opportunity with a great network of franchise owners, terrific group office support and a brilliant business offering.

“I should have joined ten years ago.”