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Feb 10, 2017

With slight glints of sun appearing intermittently over the last few weeks it has come more apparent that Christmas 2012 is well and truly behind us, but with summer 2013 just around the corner people across the country begin turning their attention to the reality that sooner or later the shorts will be coming on, bikini’s will be dug out from the draws and the allure of the beach on a hot summers day provides more than enough of an incentive to get fitter and burn off those extra calories consumed over the winter.

Joining a gym is certainly one way to go about this, you’ll be surrounded by like minded individuals, have access to a lot of different types of fitness equipment and be able to stay committed to your goals in time for the first heat wave of the summer.

For a lot of people though gym fitness just isn’t an option, for the average person joining a gym is a daunting experience, requires a full safety induction and knowledge of how to use the equipment as well as the ability to plan a fitness regime that caters for their individual goals. Similarly, gym’s can be quite costly, even some of the cheapest memberships around are in the low £20-£30’s a month with some memberships exceeding £100 a mont

Another alternative is to purchase home fitness equipment, this way you can exercise at your own pace and in an environment where you are comfortable without other people judging you on your technique. This also means that for a fraction of the price you’ll be able to have access to your own personal gym at any time of the day!

Matt Newby is the owner and founder of a website dedicated to providing a whole host of home fitness equipment to those looking to turn their spare room or garage into their own personal gym. Offering a whole host of various equipment such as dumbbells, yoga mats, kettle bells, weight benches and even full home gym systems you can easily snap yourself up a selection of equipment that will target all of your core body groups for a full intense home work out for a little under what you would have paid for an annual gym membership. He lends us his insight into exercising from home, “Working out at home is experiencing a huge surge at the moment as people struggle with expensive gym membership fees. In the past home fitness equipment was either basic and cheap or phenomenally expensive, now though, fitness equipment is a genuine and affordable option regardless of whether you have a £1000 budget or a £30 budget. My experience of gyms (I was a member for over 10 years) is that many are becoming overcrowded and quite often they do not offer the equipment that many people want to train with. I train with weights but at my last gym the heaviest Dumbbells on offer were only 30kg which was not sufficient for my level of strength; this, along with the cost and the fact the gym was always overcrowded was what led me to setting up my own home gym.”

Another benefit from the view point of the person wanting to exercise is that with gym memberships you are paying for an on-going membership that will cost you money regardless of whether you decide to go to the gym or not, no matter if you attend the gym 4 days a month or 20, you’re still going to pay the same price regardless. With a home gym system you have paid for your equipment outright and can choose to get the most use out of it or not. In my opinion, having gym equipment sat there in front of you at any time of day knowing that you had spent a fair amount of money on it provides more than enough of an incentive to get up and use it because it acts as a visual reminder to you of your investment and promise to yourself on a daily basis, “One of the single biggest things that people struggle with whilst exercising at home is motivation. My advice would be to allocate specific time for training and to look at the bigger picture to keep yourself motivated (in my case motivation comes from lifting heavier weights or breaking my pull up or push up record). I also benefit from training with my partner Eleanor, some days when I don't feel like exercising she will motivate me and vice-versa.” features extensive product reviews, fitness articles, exercise videos and uses a price comparison structure on the many great products that allow customers to always know they are getting the best possible price for their home gym equipment. Providing a one-stop shop for all your home fitness equipment isn’t an easy task, with the industry always changing Matt needs to keep up to date with the latest products on the market and continually source new ways to let people know about the benefits of exercising from home. He plans to be incorporating a new incentive where you have the chance to win yourself a brand new free standing fitness station just in time for Christmas 2013!

Take a tip out of Matt Newby’s book and run a business within a market sector that you have a passion for. Matt has a dedication to fitness that shines through in the content on his website and provides an interesting read for those of you out there who are in need of advice and guidance about getting fit for the summer and what equipment you should consider buying that will give you the most bang for your buck!