Eamonn Byrne, Senior Director of etyres


Feb 10, 2017

Eamonn Byrne, FCMA ACIS QFP, is an influential senior Director with extensive international and national experience in the technology and automotive sectors. 

He successfully leads and manages financial and commercial teams to consistently meet targets and deliver results. Eamonn has a proven record of building business relationships using excellent communication and presentation skills. He is a creative problem solver who manages change to ensure workable solutions. 

Eamonn was recently awarded the British Franchise Association Qualified Franchise Professional status. 

1. Tell us about the etyres concept.

etyres is a franchised business with a simple model where Franchise Owners supply and fit tyres to customers vehicles at home and work. The service is delivered utilizing a fully fitted mobile tyre fitting van.

2.How and when did you become involved with etyres?

Eamonn first became involved as a consultant with etyres in 1995 when it was known as Fleet Mobile Tyres and was targeting the business fleet market. He developed the accounting systems and sourced appropriate packages and developed systems for use by Franchise Owners. In addition he was involved in the development of new Franchise Owner training, some of which is still active today.

When online retailing emerged towards the end of the nineties, Eamonn was involved in the transition of the business from a B2B proposition to a B2C proposition. 

3.What was your background prior to joining etyres?

Eamonn has a background in finance and is a qualified chartered accountant, with a career that spans finance and sales. Prior to his full time involvement with etyres he has worked for a number of high tech international brands.

4.What are some of the advantages in being an etyres franchisee?
•Recession proof business
•Exclusive territory
•Management franchise potential
•5 year renewable contract
•Multiple sales channels
• Online sales
• Head Office telesales office
• Local sales

5.Who is your ideal franchisee?
•Practical, can handle the mechanics of the role.
•Resourceful and flexible, an ability to solve problems
•Proactive and self starter
•Presentable and personable
•Financial acumen, needs to understand the financial performance of the business 
•Good communication, ability to manage customer relationships
•Motor trade interest
•Looking to work for self with a desire to succeed

6.Tell us a little about the Automotive Market?

There are 34 million cars on the UK’s roads, all of which require replacement tyres at some stage. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, although it is recommended by industry and safety experts Tyre Safe and the National Tyre Association that tyres should be replaced when they reach 3mm.

7.What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?
The key to success for Franchise Owners is finding the right franchise opportunity to match their skills and goals. Being members of the British Franchise Association has provided etyres with a font of knowledge and information about franchising. 
8.Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration?

Over Eamonn’s career he has established relationships with a number of people who have expertise in different fields with whom he can call on when he needs a sounding board. 

9.What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

The prospective Franchise Owner should be clear about their personal goals and objectives, ensuring the franchise they choose is a good match. The only way to do this is to thoroughly research both the franchise and market they are looking to move into. We always recommend that prospective Franchise Owners utilise the expertise of the British Franchise Association.

10.In your opinion, why do you think that etyres would be a great opportunity for someone?

etyres offers prospective Franchise Owners the opportunity to run their own business within an established and proven business model. With the etyres model a Franchise Owner benefits from our 7 day a week sales office and ecommerce website generating actual sales, i.e. not leads.