Mobile App City CEO Richard Undertakes Exclusive Franchise Expo Interview


Nov 26, 2018

MobileAppCity CEO Richard Giannini, undertakes our exclusive interview with a CEO questions, providing answers to the questions you want to know...


...Get an exclusive insight into Mobile App City before taking the plunge and start your own Mobile App City business - where you can be the boss!


1.     Tell us about the Mobile App City concept.

Our vision is to help businesses get more customers and reduce expenses using the latest technologies. As a Licensed partner we’ll set you up with your own business, so you can provide a suite of mobile technologies with the latest digital marketing services without you needing to do any technical work. We do all the technical and marketing work, while you, as a licensed partner, build relationships with your customers.

It’s a business designed for those that want an ultimate lifestyle and income earning potential without the headaches of a typical business or franchise concept.

We’ve combined decades of experience in the franchising industry to create, what we believe, is the ultimate business opportunity.


2.     How and when did you become involved with Mobile App City?

I founded the company in 2011 with the vision of building a business that had all the advantages of the best franchises without any of the disadvantages of a typical franchise model. After 20 years building franchise concepts it was time to build a business model without all the shackles of a franchise.


3.     What was your background prior to joining Mobile app City?

More than 20 years’ experience building franchise concepts. Was an owner and ran ActionCOACH internationally taking it to the United States in 1998. Sold my interest in ActionCOACH in 2006 and built First Choice Business Brokers from a single location in Las Vegas into a national franchise, then expanding into the UK and publicly listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2008. Have a degree in computer science plus an MBA.


4.     What are some of the advantages in being a MobileAppCity licensed partner?

We’ve adopted the “new way” of doing business in this model. The old way of having a central office hiring people and all the associated headaches is the old way. Our overall model gives everyone ultimate flexibility in their lifestyle while adding value to the lives of many people. It enables you as a licensed partner to combine a lifestyle with high income yet without the typical headaches of staff and high overheads.

Free of royalties and territory restrictions you can build a business as large as you like – it’s only restricted to your vision.

Due to the large range of services that you can provide it enables you to earn multiple streams of passive income from each client.

As a licensed partner you’ll be delivering cutting edge, high demand services to businesses while you enjoy a great lifestyle, very low overhead business with a high income potential.


5.     Who is your ideal licensed partner?

This would be a great business for you if you have a desire to be your own boss and you have a good professional background, a sales or business skillset which you want to utilize and leverage. Having the ability to build a team is optional and can multiply your income.

IT or marketing skills are not required as we do the design, coding and development for you.


6.     What are some of the great lessons you’ve learned in growing this business?

Technology is constantly changing and you cannot rest on one great idea. We are constantly researching and developing new services to provide to business owners through our licensed partners in order to keep us cutting edge.


7.     Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration?

The late Jim Rohn – I had the privilege of working with both him and Jim’s own mentor. It was what I learned in those early years that have helped me achieve success and teach/coach more than 750 others to get started in business.


8.     What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

I’ve always believed that “There will always be a better time and there will never be a perfect time, so if something is worth doing – do it now.” I think many looking to buy a business can get stuck in a paralysis of analysis. Now doing your due diligence is good, at some stage though you have to make a decision.

I always say there are three parts of you that you need to consider when making a decision on something improtant: your head, heart and gut. I take action when at least two of those three parts of me say “yes”.


9.     In your opinion why do you think that becoming a licensed partner with Mobile App City would be a      fantastic opportunity for someone?

Here’s my top five reasons:

  • It’s easy to get started in as we provide full training, support and mentoring.
  • We do all the technical work so you don’t need any experience or knowledge in how to deliver the services.
  • You can work from home – or from anywhere, even while you are on vacation. There are no restrictions in where you can operate your business.
  • With just one license you can leverage with a whole team of people (e.g. a sales team) and multiply your income.
  • You can start doing this part time and transition slowly from a job if you like as there are not any monthly fees you have to pay.
  • You always get more than you expect when you become a licensed partner with Mobile App City.


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