T BUN franchise CEO Jonathan Kwon Interview


Aug 06, 2019

T BUN CEO Jonathan Kwon unveils the bubble tea cafe franchise concept in our exclusive interview.


Find out about the international success, growth and how you can establish and grow the already successful T BUN concept in the UK!


1) Can you introduce T BUN to our audience?

T BUN is a bubble tea franchising system based in Seoul, Korea. T BUN has established and opened the 1st shop in April, 2017. T BUN opened 12 shops in 2017 and the 1st shop in Australia.

We then opened the shops in the Philippines, Malaysia and opening our 1st shop in Kuwait and Singapore in August, 2019. We are confident that we can open our shops in 10 countries by the end of year 2019 and in 30 countries 2020.


2) What are your strengths compare to other bubble tea franchising systems in global market?

Most of the bubble tea franchising systems are selling only bubble teas which are pretty much similar each other. However, T BUN is selling the highest possible quality bubble teas along with Korean specialty menus of beverages and bakeries. A group of tea experts are also involved with our business that will help us to develop the best quality menus for our customers.


3) How do you want to penetrate UK market?

We are actually looking for the master franchisee for UK. We truly believe that we need to meet a right partner to make our business in UK successful.


4) What do you think about UK market in terms of bubble tea preference?

UK market has huge potentials for sure. The market is not that much competitive like other southeast Asian countries and selling prices can be much higher due to strong currency and higher purchasing powers. Basically, bubble teas have been originated from milk teas and milk teas are originated from UK. We are very confident that T BUN business has huge potentials in UK.


5) What are the requirements to be the master franchisee for UK?

T BUN is looking for the master franchisee for UK with experiences either in F&B or franchise industry. Obviously, the master franchisee for UK need to invest for master franchise fees, initial order of raw materials, and equipment. That is why financial capability is important for the master franchise in UK.


6) How many T BUN shops do you think you can open in UK?

It depends on my master franchisee for UK. But we can open at least 100 shops in UK considering the populations. Number of cities and market potentials. T BUN International consistently supports master franchisees worldwide in every aspect of the business, particularly in marketing to promote the brand and to recruit sub-franchisees.


7) What other countries do you think you can open the shops this year?

We already signed the master franchise agreements for Kuwait and Singapore and will open the shops in there soon. We are also under negotiations with potential master franchisees from Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE, USA, Maldives, Mauritius, and KSA at present. I am sure we can finalise the deals soon.


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