YourZone45 Interview with a CEO


Aug 30, 2017

1. Tell us about the YourZone45 concept.

YourZone45 is a niche fitness studio delivering comprehensive, body-changing 45-minute workouts in small group environments. The sessions are highly motivating and addictive, they bring together the energy and community culture of an outstanding group exercise class but with the personal attention and guidance of a personal training session. The heart rate focused interval training workout burns maximum amount of calories, builds strength, increases energy, surpasses workout plateaus, and tones and shapes the body like nothing else.

YourZone45 is where fitness meets science, every YourZone45 studio operates a heart rate

system, which becomes the main focus point of the session. Before each session members

put on their heart rate monitors so the system can pick up their heart rate %’s which are

then displayed on screens within the workout area.

The YZ45 Fitness Coaches then aim to train members above 80% of their maximum heart rate for at least 20 minutes of the workout to create an ‘after-burn’ effect and help deliver fitness and weight loss results faster than normal steady state workouts.

2. How and when did you become involved with YourZone45?

I am the founder of YourZone45 and developed the franchise model in 2014.

3. What was your background prior to joining YZ45?

The Journey started back in 2003. Sport was my thing, football, water skiing, snow skiing, golf,

swimming, whatever I could do I would do it! However, gyms? I just found them boring, but I did

become a Personal Trainer and started working in one. It was soon clear to me that so many other

people also found gyms boring, it wasn’t just me! These people would just be given an induction and

left to get on with it. These people weren’t going to see the results they wanted, not because they

weren’t following the programme, but they simply looked bored and they wouldn’t be there long

enough to see the results! There was a huge opportunity here, so I opened a small group training

studio offering unlimited group personal training for an affordable monthly fee, keeping one thing in

mind, this had to be fun, every workout had to be treated like a game, like a sport, that people

wanted to turn up and play! Little did I know that what I was offering would become the fastest

growing area of the industry 14 years later, known now as boutique fitness studios.

Between 2003 and 2011 I opened 2 group personal training studios, members were seeing fantastic

results, retention was miles ahead of the national average. I had to develop this further and it wasn’t

until 2013 that I looked at franchising and came across this “new” type of fitness facility… small

group training studios / boutique studios. I had been doing that for years. All I needed to do was

develop my fitness model into a franchise fitness model.

Finally after a lot of further research and development the ultimate franchise fitness studio delivering a full body workout was born under the name YourZone45: designed to consistently deliver motivation, enjoyment and results to its members.

4. What are some of the advantages in being a YourZone45 franchisee?

Wow, there are plenty! Obviously there is the fact that YourZone45 represents the future of the fitness industry, it is a concept that has taken the best aspects of the industry and brought them together in a simple and highly popular format. Our scientific approach and use of heart rate monitors means that our studios train our members according to their physical abilities AND deliver outstanding results and constant motivation all the time.

However, the main advantage is the business system that we have developed and continue to develop. The advantage of being a YourZone45 franchisee is the business system you are buying, the way in which we have developed our pre-sales procedure, the way in which you deal with every lead in a consistent fashion, the way in which we have developed a process for the workout, the way in which you follow up an enquiry, that if each process is followed in the correct way will deliver predictable results.

It is our job to look at the results the system is delivering and continually improve them in order to deliver greater results in the future.

It is these processes and systems, that we have taken many years and many mistakes in creating and finding the best way to do things.

Plus we have a list of suppliers to use, not just for price, but for quality, we have been through many printers, plumbers, designers, brokers, equipment suppliers and everything else you need to get a fitness facility up and running and we now have a package all ready for the franchisee to use.

These are the main advantages of being a YourZone45 franchisee. It may cost to be part of franchise but it can save you thousands of £’s in the long run!!

5. Who is your ideal franchisee?

I would say someone that ….

1) Is highly motivated

2) Understands the vision and goal of YourZone45

3) Positive attitude to work and all work-related matters

4) Determined to succeed in all aspects of business

5) Demonstrate good level of financial acumen

6) great people person

7) High level of common sense!

8) Excellent communication skills

9) Quick learner/adaptable

10) Has a sense of humour!

6. What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

1. To make sure we select the right people who are excited to be part of YourZone45 and not just anyone who comes along!

2. To make sure we constantly challenge the way we do things to continually improve our offering to both the franchise owner and end user.

7. Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration?

Currently the person that inspires me in business is Marcus Lemonis! Honestly check the guy out, from the US – the guy is a genius!

8. What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

Make sure you know what is involved in running the business and make sure you select the right one for you. Make sure you ask about the business system – is there a system in place for each scenario? – remember it is the business system you are buying and can it deliver the lifestyle you want in 2/5/10 years time.

9. In your opinion, why do you think that YourZone45 would be a fantastic opportunity for someone?

Because of our two missions…

1. To deliver a world class group fitness experience that delivers motivation, enjoyment and results to its members at all times through highly engaging scientific workouts, incredible customer service and well thought out business processes.

2. To develop a turnkey business system that allows franchisees to eventually live the lifestyle they desire.

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