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Crêpeaffaire - A Fast Food Franchise

A Systematic and Branded Approach to a Traditional Product

Crêpeaffaire - A Fast Food Franchise


Crêpeaffaire is a unique and independent quality food brand, serving freshly baked savoury and sweet crêpes made with organic flour and natural ingredients. Its philosophy is to position crêpes as an indulgent yet healthy alternative to traditional fast food within the quick-casual food segment. Since its 2004 creation, it has become the UK’s market leader, successfully operating in a variety of locations and formats.

Crêpeaffaire's unique automated production system features a “crêpe theatre” and ensures speed, hygiene and a total absence of odours. It can operate on small footprints without the need of costly kitchen extraction thus providing maximum location flexibility. for everyone, every time, everywhere.

Crêpeaffaire caters to a wide target audience for all-day eating and snacking with a product and packaging ideal to eat in or to consume on the go.

It has a modern urban pitch with a distinct Continental / French flavour. It is ideally suited to a shopping, leisure and transport destination / interchange with a varied clientele and brand representation, both in the UK and internationally.


Crêpes benefit from wide-spread awareness and appreciation, however:

Crêpeaffaire - A Fast Food Franchise
  • the market is fragmented with small and independently owned operations
  • traditional and slow production, requiring skilled staff and relatively large footprints, dominates
  • there is an absence of professionally branded and operated concepts
  • and lack of standardised production and management systems

All of which highlights the size of the Crêpeaffaire opportunity


Crêpeaffaire - A Fast Food Franchise
  • Savoury and sweet crêpes, freshly baked on an automatic baking machine, using organic flour and natural ingredients
  • Complemented by organic coffees, teas, juices, shakes, light alcoholic drinks (where licensed) and ice cream
  • Serving all meal occasions (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and in-between snacking
  • Lifestyle brand — a unique, tasty and fun experience through the combination of food, service and design
  • Indulgent yet healthy food, fast. Offers a fun “crêpe theatre” without the usual long waiting times, mess and odours
  • Present at key London high-street, mall, leisure destinations and travel interchanges
  • Maximum location flexibility thanks to low footprint designs and the absence of any kitchen extraction requirement
Crêpeaffaire - A Fast Food Franchise


  • Excellent brand with enormous brand value
  • Unique and proven business format
  • Full set of tested systems and procedures
  • Demonstrated quality control systems allowing excellence throughout the supply chain
  • Systematic and unique production method allowing efficiency and access to sites not available to “traditional” operators
  • Excellent business reputation and scale ensuring
  • Strong marketing platform and expertise ensuring wide brand exposure
  • Support of a top class management team with extensive experience in the hospitality and leisure industries
Crêpeaffaire - A Fast Food Franchise


  • Do you have a passion for crêpes and do you see their business potential?
  • Do you have a commitment to develop Crêpeaffaire in your target market?
  • Does your organisation have the infrastructure and operational know-how to get the most out of this business?
  • Do you have the resources and systems in place to ensure that the Crêpeaffaire method is consistently applied in your business?
  • If yes, then please contact us with your interest by submitting your request now and we will be in touch shortly to discuss the opportunity.

Feb 10, 2017

Daniel Spinath - CEO Crêpeaffaire

Daniel has always been closely involved in the marketing, food and beverage industries and has become a seasoned international C-level executive with broad corporate and entrepreneurial experience...
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Feb 10, 2017

Crêpeaffaire Franchise comes to Wimbledon

Crêpeaffaire, the UK’s market leader and one of London’s favourite eateries, is continuing to make big strides in franchising with the opening of its newest crêperie on The Broadway, Wimbledon, with...
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