ChipsAway Case Study - Phil Taylor

Name: Phil Taylor

Location: Bradford

Franchisee Since: July 2011

Key Quote: "It's such a great feeling seeing client satisfaction first hand!"


Chips Away Franchisee, Phil Taylor, has the ambition and drive for success...

...Five years ago, Phil Taylor left the printing industry for good and finally decided to pursue his long-held dream of being a business owner. He accelerated his business from day one, and now with a loyal customer base, a second territory, and further expansion on the cards, Phil has no intention of slowing down.


“I’d been thinking about buying a franchise for years, I thought the proven business model would make it easier to succeed. When I’d finally saved enough, I immediately began searching for a business that was right for me. The ChipsAway opportunity stood out due to the fact that the brand is already very strong.” Phil attended a ChipsAway open day and was bowled over by the professionalism of the head office team, and the support from the other franchsiees. “For me, the franchise represents brilliant value for money. It was an absolute no brainer!”

During his time in the printing industry, Phil was working long hours, and often night shifts. Whilst he enjoyed his job, he missed having the freedom to participate in everyday life; a situation which he says has changed dramatically since launching his ChipsAway business.

“My job meant that I was often away during the daytime and wasn’t really able to lead a normal

life,” he explains. “But now I have time for the important things – like taking my son to school in

the morning.” Since setting up his franchise, Phil has discovered a passion for customer relations, a skill he never really had chance to explore in his time as a printer.

“Part of the appeal of ChipsAway was the opportunity to meet new people, and build real relationships with my customers,” Phil reveals. “Previously, I had no interaction with the customers, as I was often stuck in the back office, but it’s such a great feeling seeing client satisfaction first hand!”

As his success continues and his customer base grows, Phil is looking forward to new challenges,

like expanding his business. “For the first 5 years of my ChipsAway journey it was just me in the van. When I renewed my contract at my 5-year anniversary, I decided it was time to take on a second territory, and my first employee to help manage the increase in work. This was definitely the right route for me. I’ve seen steady growth each year, and plan to keep going!”

Phil has plans to further develop his business and invest in a ChipsAway Car Care Centre, a fixed-based workshop which allows franchisees to take on more work, and complete more complex repairs. “I definitely want to go down the Car Care Centre route. Speaking to other franchisees who have done it, and seeing their success has really motivated me to start preparing for the change. I plan to take on another employee in the near future, and open the Car Care Centre next year.

“Franchising isn’t for everyone, you need to do your homework and be willing to put in a lot of hard work, but nothing comes easy. I think what I’m most proud of is building my reputation locally. I love working within my local community and having lots of lovely customers and a healthy, growing business. I don’t have any regrets about joining the franchise, I’m still enjoying it every day!

“We asked Phil what it was he enjoyed most about being a ChipsAway Franchisee. “Working for myself is so much more rewarding than working for an employer. I love having my destiny in my own hands. It’s the little things like finishing early on a Friday or having the afternoon off to play golf. The harder I work, the bigger the benefits, the only person I’m dependent on now is me – thanks to ChipsAway!”


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