Getting Started with a Franchise

If 2013 is the year that you intend to transform your dreams of profitable business ownership into reality, then you should be looking at franchising.

What can Franchise Expo offer you?

Franchise Expo is the UK's most comprehensive and informative directory of franchise opportunities. This directory is constantly updated and refreshed with information on the best investment opportunities and franchisee openings and you can use our simple search function to find your dream franchise. We have hundreds of franchise profiles which are searchable by category, investment level and industry. You can find plenty of valuable information to aid your research, such as interviews with the CEOs of major franchises and advice from the experts to help you on your journey. Franchise Expo also provides the latest news and information about industry events, so you can stay up to date with what is happening. Once your research is complete, you can take direct action and register your interest.

Connect with Recruiting Franchisors in Real Time

At Franchise Expo, we provide a wealth of information and profile data to help you make the right decision about your business investment. Even better, we allow you to link directly with your franchisor of choice and begin to progress your application. There is nothing more exciting than setting off down the path of successful self-employment via the franchise model and at FranchiseExpo, we're here to help you do just that.

Why Work in the Franchise Industry?

Many small and independent businesses struggle to make their new ventures viable, particularly beyond the first year. This trend has been compounded by the difficult economic climate, which is putting many independent start-ups out of business. But a franchise offers protection against the ups and downs of the economy. It provides brand recognition, a tried and trusted business model, a powerful support network and all the training and expertise you need to build success.

What Now?

If you're interested in franchising as an industry, visit the Franchise Expo website to start your research. You'll find franchise profiles, details of investment levels and current openings, news stories, case studies and plenty more. Register your interest to receive further information and progress your in-depth research. We'll also tell you about the latest trade shows and events, so that you can go and meet the franchise development teams in person.

Don't delay if you want to make sure that your career dreams become a reality in 2013. Whether you're seeking flexible hours, greater job satisfaction, the chance to run your own successful business or the opportunity to raise your income, franchising offers you the route to success. So why not head to Franchise Expo and take the first step towards franchise success?