Home Grown and Locally Owned

There are literally hundreds of franchises in the UK, some of which are global brands with UK-based operations and some of which are entirely home-grown. Some potential franchisees may have a preference about whether they invest in a UK home-grown business, particularly if they have a passion for supporting local business and enterprise. But for most it is far more important that the research into which franchise to choose is carried out into the more fundamental areas of concern: the nature of the business and its market, the growth potential, the brand and awareness of it their local market, the training and support that the franchise offers, the investment cost and the anticipated returns.

Hundreds of Options

When you search for home-grown UK franchises, you'll be amazed at the breadth of industries covered. These include the accountancy and financial franchises sector, automotive franchising sectors, business-to-business operations (including consulting and computing), health and fitness franchises, care and child-based franchises, food, gardening, leisure and golf franchises, traditional fast-food and coffee franchises, modern tutoring and educational franchises, cleaning, delivery and installation franchises, vending, travel, sports and property. The list really does go on!

You'll also find a wide range of part-time and home-based franchises alongside the full-time UK-based franchises and these are very popular for those looking to gently enter the industry without leaving their full-time current job, or those whose family obligations mean that a part-time franchise, perhaps with scope to expand, is the most appropriate for them. Look out too for internet-based franchises if you're tech-savvy and interested in the world of e-commerce. Or why not re-train entirely and enjoy an entirely new profession while owning your own business? For example, you might be motivated by the idea of leaving your white-collar job and becoming a trained landscape gardener within a franchise instead, or moving to food services from the world of professional services. With UK franchises, the world is truly your oyster.

The Benefits of UK Franchises

The UK's 'own-brand' industry is receiving a real resurgence of interest, particularly in the manufacturing industries where the 'made in Britain' movement is becoming very well known and customers are actively seeking out home-grown brands and products. This can offer interesting growth opportunities for investors seeking UK franchises, where the British brand is a positive asset and one which can be capitalised on for success. The local angle certainly helps in a number of industries, including local specialist and advisory services where regional knowledge is a success factor.

Where to Find UK Franchises

At Franchise Expo, you'll find a great directory packed with franchises. Some of these are large global brands and others are small start-up UK-based franchises. The directory updates and refreshes all the time as new franchises emerge and are successful. For example, Social Circle is a new Manchester-based franchise which is now expanding across the UK and looking for investors. Other UK-based franchises include Action Coach, Auditel, Bluebird Care, Bricks 4 Kids, British Blinds, Care Mark, Chips Away, Crepe Affair, Domestique, Global Travel Group, Lawn Science, Leonie's Children's Chocolate Parties, Maid to Clean, Molly Maid, Oscar, Oven Clean, Rosemary Conley, Rosemary Book Keeping, Shuttercraft, Tax Assist, Zip Yard and Tutor Doctor. And there are many more!

Picking Your Ideal Franchise

Think about your interests and passions and choose an industry which really excites you. Then do your research to understand the growth prospects in the UK for that particular sector. For example, in Britain we have an ageing population and a changing demographic, so there will be more elderly people in the future than there are now. This offers great potential for franchises based in the care, elderly services and health and fitness industries aligned to supporting elderly and older people. Look for trends and growth industries, such as the green and carbon-offsetting and consultancy sectors and fitness and leisure centres. Ask yourself which represent the best opportunities for you. Ask around too for feedback and advice and speak to other franchisees at trade shows. Using information packs, online research and first-hand conversations, you'll start to build up a clear picture about the right UK franchise to choose.