How does the Franchisor deliver on-going support?

As I’ve often said franchising is a marriage – where both parties contribute to a common goal.

The Franchise Owner will bring drive, ambition, hard work, focus and their own business skill set.

The Franchisor will contribute, amongst other things, a proven business system, training, marketing and on-going support.

Different franchisors deliver on-going support in different ways – this is how we do it at Recognition Express, ComputerXplorers Kall Kwik and The ZipYard!

Firstly we have people who specialise in the key business areas – either directly employed or services we pay for on behalf of our Franchise Owners.

All the key areas of marketing, sales, business planning, finance, procurement, curriculum development, retail management and training are covered in-house.

Specific areas of web development and hosting, e-commerce, PR, telesales, telemarketing and contact management systems are run by our specialist support companies.

Additionally, we also own a 6,000 sq, ft, production and warehousing company which services the manufacturing needs of our Recognition Express Franchise Owners.

 Once you have the structure in place then it is about actually delivering on-going support and this will include:

   Weekly e-mail news updates.

         Monthly hard copy bulletins.

         Additional bulletins as news/innovations dictate.

         Telephone support on-tap.

         Network Meetings – periodically throughout the year – open to all Franchise Owners.

         Conference every two years.

         On-site visits from various team members - marketing, production, finance and business development personnel.

In addition to the above I personally visit Franchise Owners weekly – visiting three or four Franchise Owners every week – anything from a general catch-up to full Business Planning.