How easy is it to buy a franchise?

Buying into a franchise is not difficult at all – but buying into a franchise that’s right for you is what’s important.

Good franchisors only want franchisees who themselves are committed to the business proposition – who understand that owning a franchise is more than ‘buying a job’.We are lucky to run four businesses (Recognition Express, Kall Kwik, The ZipYard and ComputerXplorers) and in each case the profile of the franchisee that we see as a ‘best fit’ is different. 

The essence of good franchising is the dovetailing of the skills, ambition and hard work of the franchisee with the systems, support, collateral and brand of the franchisor.

A good ZipYard franchisee for instance will be comfortable managing people (seamstresses), dealing with all type of individual customers and meeting with managers and owners of retails stores.

A Recognition Express franchisee will be good at developing personal relationships; someone interested in ComputerXplorers will be passionate about education and so on. So it’s not about how easy it is to buy into a franchise but more about determining the right franchise for you. 
When you buy into a franchise you are buying into a proven business model – in fact some would argue that what you are doing is leasing a business system from the franchisor.By doing this what you are getting is a system, brand, trade mark protection, training, on-going franchisor assistance, marketing collateral etc – a smorgasbord of support to help you achieve 
(if not surpass) your ambitions as a franchisee.

However, a good franchising is a marriage – a coming together of two parties with different but complementary skills where the support package of the franchisor augments the ambition, hard work and drive of the franchisee.

Part of that marriage is learning from each other and encouraging franchisees to come up and test new ideas to grow and develop their business which when proven to work can be turned into ‘best practice’ and delivered to the network.