If you don’t answer that call, your competitors will

Did you know?

  • 75% of callers hang up if they hear a voicemail
  • 60% of callers rarely wait longer than 30 seconds
  • If the only available number is for a mobile, they may not even call at all
  • So how many calls does your business lose every day? What does that cost you in lost new enquiries or sales opportunities?

The fact is – You probably have no idea

So, how do you ensure you always give existing and new potential customers a professional first impression of your business?

Today more than ever before, a business needs to be able to communicate professionally with its customers and a company mobile phone generally provides a limited and ‘suspicious’ point of contact.

If you think about it, what does that single number really say about a business? If things go wrong with any aspect of your financial transaction with the company who can you talk with? Who do you turn to when you are not satisfied and the mobile is invariably never answered?

Research that SOS has undertaken shows that companies which only publish a mobile and not a dedicated landline number are seen as unprofessional, untrustworthy and as ‘having something to hide’.

So what are you doing to disperse such perceptions of your business? Do you have in place a dedicated landline that is properly and convincingly answered and that ensures you never miss a sales opportunity? The last thing you want is to be interrupted when you are dealing with other clients and customers?

There are now a full range of outsourced telephony services available where dedicated teams of PAs will look after all your calls, leaving you free to run your business. From message taking to diary management, from mail order to business continuity in the event of a crisis, specialist expertise can be found in all the above to provide a professional and dedicated approach to your unique needs, either for individual projects or long term requirement.