Let's Have Some Fun!

In our last blog we looked at the serious side of making sure you hit the mark with your media list but this time it’s all about the fun process of thinking of some fresh PR ideas. 

This is one of our favourite parts of the PR process. It’s the time where we’re allowed to get carried away with creative ideas because any outlandish suggestion can always be made more practical later. It’s often from the most flamboyant flash of fancy that some of the best PR campaigns evolve.

Who should be involved?

It’s no fun brainstorming on your own, ideas can flow and flourish in a group. Think about your stakeholders - who in your business gets to speak to them and understands their needs and wants? Think about the company strategy and vision - who knows what is coming up in terms of product or service innovation? Think about the creative process – who can help facilitate a great discussion? Now you have your people.

Where should you do it?

You want to choose a relaxed environment – this could be in a café down the road or you could furnish your meeting room with comfy chairs and some tasty snacks. The important thing is that it’s easy access so that it’s not difficult for this to be a regular process.

How long and how often?

The key here is to give yourself enough time to get those creative juices flowing but keep it short enough that you don’t descend into gossip. The first time you have a meeting like this, you’ll get an idea of the optimum time for people to deliver their thoughts and for the group to expand on them before the chatter becomes less effective.

You want to consider lead times into a PR campaign, especially if it is going to include an event of some kind so you need to think at least 3 months in advance. I’d recommend scheduling a quarterly brainstorm session. 

There are no rules

Having said all of that, this is a creative process so make it your own. Fit it to your business culture and style, have fun playing around with it! 

Keep your eye on the ball

It’s important to remember that if you are taking the time out to regularly brainstorm PR ideas with your team that they still know to communicate when a timely opportunity arises in-between these meetings.

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