Top Ten Most Popular Franchise Industries

Every year brings its trends and fashions and the franchise industry also follows suit, with a changing array of 'hot' franchises and top bets for potential franchisees. As expected, this list of popular franchises mirrors what's happening in the economy as a whole, with new opportunities always emerging and other industries fading away over time. So what are the top ten franchise industries that have been tipped for popularity in 2012?

  1. The hotel industry is doing surprisingly well given the struggling nature of the wider economy. And yet perhaps this isn't a surprise, as people still need to travel for business, holiday at home and take advantage of trips abroad, often under their own steam rather than via package holidays. So the hotel franchise industry is set to remain strong.
  2. The food franchise industry is set to remain strong, with waffles, burgers and American classics in general remaining hugely popular.
  3. For those who can't resist frozen yoghurt, a franchise in this industry may or may not be a great thing - good for the pocket, less for the waistline! These franchises suffered a dip in the past year or two, but are rising once again as customers seek low-cost treats to cheer themselves up during yet another grey British summer!
  4. Convenience stores continue to grow in demand because people want ever faster service and food on the go. This makes it convenient that fitness gyms are also a huge growth franchise industry, with a range of offers and options available from the 'no frills' to the over-50s.
  5. With an ageing population, it's not surprising that health services for seniors are another boom area and the franchises within this sector are experience a continuing growth in demand.
  6. Mobile franchises are also another boom area - think plumbing, lawn care, pet care, home repairs and hairdressing. These are really taking off and allow franchisees to buy into a proven business system at a low cost and without needing to buy or maintain a traditional high-street store front.
  7. The coffee franchise industry is seemingly unstoppable as our mania for caffeine continues and the big-name franchises in this sector are some of the largest in the industry as a whole.
  8. In the B2B market, the business-coaching industry continues to go from strength to strength with mentoring, advisory boards, peer consulting, business consulting and brokerage services.
  9. And finally, the environmental sector is a fantastic growth opportunity for franchises, with everything from carbon-management consulting to group buying of green products becoming popular.

This is the top ten, but which sector are you interested in? Don't forget to do your research carefully before following a trend through blind enthusiasm. Make your enquiries, read the prospect packs carefully and attend the expos to ask plenty of questions and find out everything there is to know about your franchise of interest.

Although these are the top ten trends in the franchise industry, there are literally hundreds of different franchises to choose from and what's right for you may not be right for another person. So spend time researching and have fun doing so - it's the first step towards a rewarding future as your own boss!