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The development of the technology involved in BeerSaver™ has been a continuing process during the whole of the twenty first century. Our fully patented Digital Sine Wave System is the latest technology from Cambridge Scientific Solutions Ltd.

BeerSaver™ 6 Plus & BeerSaver™ 7 Pro are the result of years of exhaustive research and development by Cambridge Scientific Solutions to produce a system that is both efficient and simple to use. Extensively tested and endorsed by independent experts and microbiologists.

The systems are designed to reduce product wastage improving business sustainability credentials. Improving gross profit by directly impacting the bottom line. Improving quality leading to increased client revenues.

Earning form Beer rental is calculated as a 45/55 split, with 55% going to Beer Saver. But this comes with the benefit of absolutely zero equipment cost and replacement from the franchisee. We pay for all the equipment.

Earning from the Professional Line Cleaning Service is calculated as a 15/85 split, with 85% going to whomever completes the line cleans. E.g., if you sell a Beer Saver contract but cannot provide the line cleaning contract as you are too busy, then our professional line cleaning technicians will step in to help you out. However, we suggest maximising your earning potential by completing the line cleans yourself. A successful franchisee may employ additional staff to complete the cleans once your business has become established.

First year earnings are expected to be £25,000 profit from only accruing 5 new customers per month.