Snowflake Gelato Logo
Capital Required £500
Investment Level £0 - £10,000
Royalty Fee £2500 Franchise Fee


Since starting out in 2012 we’ve maintained the highest standards in sourcing, provenance and quality in all that we do. We make our award-winning gelato using artisan methods and premium ingredients, like organic Jersey milk and cream. And we serve it with theatre, to make Snowflake a true dessert destination.

The experience we give our customers every time they visit has earned us a regular, loyal fan base and excellent partnerships with many of the leading landlords and operators in the UK, as well as premium brands. There are three aspects to Snowflake that we believe make us unique.


We believe in ‘Serving Happiness’ to our customers, so that they leave Snowflake more joyful than when they arrived. Our team members are all carefully selected for their excellent customer service skills and given bespoke online and classroom training, which covers customer engagement all the way through to making the perfect scoop of gelato.

Behind the scenes at our Central Production Unit we have artisan chefs (yes, they’re Italian!) honing their craft of flavour innovation and preparing freshly churned small batch gelato. Just as we take pride in this talented team, they take pride in delivering the same, fantastic experience at every Snowflake location.


What goes into our product matters a lot to us. This is why you’ll only find the finest, natural ingredients in our gelato and sorbetto. From organic Jersey milk and cream to the finest fresh raspberries from Kent or Scottish farms. Using these fine ingredients we’ve developed over 100 flavours of gelato - and several innovations too. As well as a complete vegan range and seasonal specials, we often create entirely new product categories such as the ‘Avolato’ - a plant-based product, complete with edible stone and served in real avocado shells.

Our dedication and passion shows in the number of awards we’ve received: Snowflake has over 30 Gold Stars from The Guild of Fine Foods, and has won Supreme Champion of the Great Taste Food Awards for our Raspberry Sorbetto.


We have extensive knowledge and experience of operating in high-footfall and high-profile locations. We’re the only gelato or ice cream brand that has been at so many leading shopping destinations and department stores. The list includes Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, John Lewis, Bicester Village, Westfield (White City & Stratford) and The O2.

Our wonderful gelato is also served on Carnival Cruises, and we’ve partnered with brands like Roof Top Cinema and Feastival to have our gelato available to their visitors.

When it comes to working with fashion and lifestyle brands, we’ve also done a number of collaborations and promotions, including work with Michael Kors, Elizabeth Arden, Top Shop and Acqua Di Parma.

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