Rings by Design

Rings By Design are a jewellery manufacturer & retailer who produce jewellery based on the customers own designs at prices that are significantly below those charged by the High Street jewellers.

We offer a personal service to customers in the comfort of their own homes, as well as 'off the shelf' products through our on-line shop and one day workplace/ Special Event sales. The jewellery we produce is top quality and hallmarked in line with UK regulations.

We offer substantial savings to the customer, as well as a hassle free environment with consultants who are knowledgeable and genuinely care about meeting their customer's needs.

UK Jewellery Market

The majority of our 'bespoke' business is from couples getting engaged or married although we also get a number of enquiries from people seeking jewellery for a special occasion e.g. birthdays, eternity rings, wedding anniversaries etc. We also sell a wide range of 'off the shelf' pendants, ear-rings, cufflinks, watches etc.

There are around 350,000 weddings in the UK each year. This means that around 700,000 people exchange wedding rings each year and in most cases the wedding is preceded by a period of engagement, normally marked by the giving of an engagement ring - a further 350,000 sales opportunities per annum. That's over a million sales opportunities each year in the Wedding and Engagement ring sectors without adding in birthdays, anniversaries and eternity rings.

The average cost of a wedding in 2003 was £15,000 and greater use of Platinum and diamonds in wedding ring designs means that the average spend on wedding jewellery has increased significantly in recent years.

Diamonds continue to grow in popularity in all types of jewellery. The UK market for diamond jewellery grew in value by 7% year on year in 2003 to £918m. Thanks partly to the 'Beckham' factor, diamonds are no longer simply 'a girls best friend' but also feature prominently in many designs for men. Industry sources suggest that over 20% of men in Britain now own some form of diamond jewellery, a dramatic increase from 2% over the last ten years.

Rings By Design tend to compete in the mid to upper part of the jewellery market. The majority of jewellery we produce is 18ct or platinum and a large percentage contains diamonds or other precious stones.

We compete very effectively on quality and price with all the High Street jewellers e.g. Signet Group, Beaverbrooks, Goldsmiths, etc. Our products are differentiated in quality terms from the cheaper end of the market e.g. Elizabeth Arden at Argos. For instance the backs of our rings are solid rather than hollow; our wall thickness tends to be thicker etc.