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Investment Level £100,001 ~ £200,000
Franchising Since 2006


Established for more than 15 years, Waves supplies hand car wash and valeting services to supermarkets and retailers from more than 250 locations across the UK. We have developed a brand that provides a highly professional level of service to our customers and our Landlords.

We offer our Franchise Partners a turn-key business with a fully equipped car valeting centre, full training and ongoing support in all areas of the business as well as the opportunity to trade from some of the best retail locations available with Landlords including Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s.

Working Together To Make Our Customers Smile

We work hard with our Franchise Partners to consistently deliver the highest levels of customer service, compliance and marketing: all our Franchise Partners are fully trained in every aspect of the business (including Health & Safety, ethical employment practices and environmental compliance) to ensure that the Waves model is industry leading.

We are also committed to innovation, and the importance of continuous reinvestment in developing and improving the customer experience and operating transparency. As part of this, we launched our bespoke software system in 2015 and have continued to develop this year on year; the system gives our customers a genuinely industry-leading customer journey and greater security through an onsite booking-in system and a customer pre-booking app that offers a secure payment method.

All Franchise Partners have access to this system which offers you a powerful business management and accounting tool that enables you to monitor and improve daily operations.

Working For Yourself, Not By Yourself

We pride ourselves on our family values and the culture of support and collaboration that this entails; Waves Franchise Partners are supported by a team of people including your dedicated Business Development Manager who offers on-site coaching and mentoring.

We have two training centres as well as a Franchise Support Team who together provide additional ongoing training as well as valeter certification programmes and customer experience development support.

Also, in the field we have a full-time maintenance team to keep your sites operational. At our London offices we have a team of people to support your business including: innovation / IT / model development; maintenance support, trade effluent and planning; customer experience / complaints; finance and marketing, offering national and local marketing support through social media, national promotions and advert artwork.

Why Choose Us?

Opportunity: The Waves business model makes for a great long-term opportunity – there is a real market for compliant, high quality hand car washes. For many people a car is their most expensive possession after a house and yet we all have increasingly busy lives with less and less time to clean our treasured car! And with more than 30 million cars on the road there are plenty of customers out there…

Do You Have What It Takes?

Our Franchise Partners may have a lot or perhaps very little management experience, but one thing they all have in common is a strong desire to run their own, successful business.

We look for Franchise Partners that understand that excellent customer service is one of the key requirements for running any successful service business, including a car wash. Good communication skills and a motivation to gain new customers (and keep them!) are necessary to succeed.

With the comprehensive technology we supply as part our package, our Franchise Partners are increasingly able to become multi-site operators / management Franchise Partners as they have a level of remote site supervision and operational transparency unlike any other hand car wash model.

Commercial Overview

We have a variety of franchise opportunities to offer. You can take on a new five-year franchise opportunity or we have some re-sale opportunity where you take on a reminder of the contract that is already running.

Initial franchise set-up fees start from £70,000 plus VAT for a brand-new site and this includes the full site set-up providing you with a turn-key business (packages vary depending upon site; the photo shown is a typical hand car wash full valet site build.)

Ongoing monthly fee range from £1,000-£3,000 plus VAT.

All monthly fees exclude insurance, water, electricity, broadband, use of the Waves IT systems and business rates for the hand car wash. All commercial terms can be provided at a no-obligation initial meeting at head office.

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