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Who doesn't love to indulge in a delicious, freshly prepared dessert every now and again?

When I think back to some of my happiest memories, they always involved sharing special moments of celebration with my closest friends and family. There's usually a good bit of sun, and of course a mouthwatering dessert to make that special moment just a little bit sweeter. So, back in 2018, a (childhood friend) and I opened our first Sweet Spot branch in Coventry, to create a casual, comfortable space for others to share similar moments and create their own sweet memories.

We were clear from the start, we wanted the place to feel welcoming and accessible to all - no chandeliers or overelaborate d├ęcor - just a single-minded focus on creating and serving delicious desserts with a smile.

It turns out this obsessive passion for creating great desserts and delivering outstanding service is something that customers appreciate well beyond Coventry. Today, I'm delighted that our business has grown rapidly and we are now actively looking for similarly dessert-obsessed, passionate franchisees to join the Sweet Spot family.

We work closely with all our franchisees and offer them as much training and ongoing support they need to make their branch a roaring success. So, while our franchisees focus on creating special memories for their local customers - our ongoing business support remains committed to helping them create a few sweet ones of their own!