Investment Level £0 - £10,000


Unique First Mover Business Opportunity in the Sports Industry


Sports Management Opportunity


We do not want you to coach, but have a passion for sport and business. You are an entrepreneur and business builder and have ambitions to build your own sports business empire. Building a sports industry service business from scratch is a daunting task. 
The S4K Business System can provide you with a fast start to build your own large sports business. We have done the hard yards and built the business processes, the products, the brand, the marketing and sales platform to make you successful. We have also got the operational know how and made all the mistakes and learned all the lessons that get in the way of building a successful sports services business. 
There is a limited first phase with only three territories available. There is a great first mover opportunity for the right candidate.  As such S4K is looking for partner franchisees that have the entrepreneurial flair and a passion for sports and for building a business to secure their future lifestyle.

This is a ground breaking business model that allows those that are passionate about building sports business but who are not into coaching themselves. There is no business model in the sports industry or childrens development or education markets like it. It provides for ambitious investor, entrepreneurial business builders that are passionate about sport and have a desire to build a sports service empire.
The profile we are looking for is specific and to make sure we get the highest performing franchisees we have made sure that the selection process is rigorous. There is a 12 stage process that makes sure both parties are a great fit. We are looking for self-starters that can partner, collaborate and make a splash in the market. We are looking to build a team of winners that can dominate the sports service market.


The S4K leadership have identified the key growth levers for a sports services business and have built the systems, asserts and capabilities to share with the right person. All the lessons and operational know how has been built over a number of years is based upon blue chip best practice. It is this blue chip credibility and know how means that those who join the S4K Network will benefit from tried and tested business model and operational systems that will enable a 
growth focused business.  
S4K is committed to the highest standards of customer service and that extends to our vision for our  Franchisees who we see as life-long partners. As such anyone that merely asks for more information or wants to make a more serious initial approach will be called by our CEO Steve Jones in the first instance to understand how we may help, share more of our passion for dominating the sports service 
industry and provide a welcome to the S4K brand.

We appreciate that many will just want to know a little more about the S4K proposition and may not be ready to make a move, we will treat all with the same respect.  Our process of selection has many steps for both parties to
 get to know each other to ensure both parties do not make the wrong decision on a life time decision. 


S4K franchise benefits

  • No sports development or coaching industry experience required
  • First mover advantage and selection of territories
  • Marketing support that puts your business on front page of
  • Google Innovative and powerful business model
  • Potential for large revenue and business build in excess of £1million over term of licence.


  • Support in finding venues
  • Ongoing Sales and Marketing Engine
  • A positive business for the local community
  • Contracted memberships give guaranteed income 
    Low-fixed monthly management service fee
  • Online training for Coaches & Staff
  • Funding available from major banks

Now is the time!

Do you want to join S4K’s mission to become world-leaders in sports education? Act quickly, now is the time to:
  • Secure yourself a great lifestyle in a future proofed industry
  • Get in on the ground floor to make the biggest splash in the market
  • Take your pick of the most lucrative territories in the UK
  • Work with the most innovative sports products available
  • Benefit from one of the most advanced administration and operational platforms in sports management


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