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Celopman is a Spanish textile company since 1952, retailer since 1998 and franchisor since 2013. The company headquarter is based in Seville, Andalusia, in the south of Spain, from where we produce and distribute to all the stores across the country.

In recent years, the company has optimized its manufacturing processes to attend to customer´s needs in the quickest way, keeping the best quality in the Celopman products. This allows us to introduce between 7 and 12 new designs every week having a constant clothes renewal in the stores.

DESIGN – Celopman clothes are fully designed by the company designers according to the main fashion trends, using the feedback from the retail stores and customers to reflect their demands and expectations.

MANUFACTURING – Approx. 70% of clothes are manufactured in our installations and in cooperation with other Spanish companies which reduce the response time to the shortest. In this way, also quality standards are always under the most exhaustive control ensuring the best product to the final customers.

The other 30% of production is carried out by very specialized international suppliers for very specific areas, such as jeans and wool sweaters.


Celopman started selling its franchise concept in Spain in 2013 opening around 60 stores in only 3 years. With the experience acquired with our own stores, Celopman has created a men clothes franchise concept allowing us to compete with the big clothes brands due to our very high quality at competitive pricing.

Another feature which is making the company expand quickly is giving our franchisees the opportunity to establish a top quality clothes store without extensive retail experience requirement and with a very low investment from £60k with a swift store opening.

It is not easy for everybody to have the ability to open their own clothes fashion store due to the business complexity plus the big investment required to pay the product to start up the business. We are proud to share with you our experience from decades of trading to help you when starting your fashion business.

For this and because you only need to pay a refundable deposit to stock the store of clothes is making this franchise a preference giving people a great opportunity to have a successful business. This is backed by a recognizable company with retail understanding which will help with the know-how transfer and training, making it very easy to manage your business.

Happiness of giving people the opportunity to succeed in this passionate business is the purpose of the Celopman franchise concept. With a new store design developed by the company fitting out Zara & Inditex stores all around the world you will feel the happiness of managing your own fashion business.

For all of this, Celopman franchisees family is growing exponentially every year after only four years.


Cobos Arteaga Ltd is the company with the exclusivity to manage and develop the UK Master License of Celopman in the UK. We consider this project as a very exciting opportunity to establish a successful business in a different region as part of the international growth of the company.

The company acquires the Master License exclusivity with the purpose to be established with several stores in property along the UK geography and for being the preference in the men clothes low cost franchise sector in an estimated period of 5 years opening at least 3 franchises before the end of 2017.


Affordable investment for the franchisee which can be returned in a short period of time – Open your own fashion retail store from £50k + VAT:

1. Property fit out investment estimated at £25k + VAT (Depending on project) – No extra charges

2.Entry Fee: £10k Entry Fee: £10k

3. Clothes: £15k – (Refundable upon termination)

  • Royalty Fee: 5% of sales
  • Marketing Fee: 1% sales
  • Premise recommended size: 100-120 m²
  • Free feasibility and business report
  • Free Training
  • Free advertising for official Celopman campaigns only – (Extra flyers and Autumn/Winter & Spring/Summer or Sales storefront has an extra charge of cost price)
  • 2 coordinators sent to organize store and for on-site training before opening
  • Weekly clothes renewal
  • Marketing and HR departments available for franchisees
  • Pay as you sell – Weekly billing (You will pay clothes cost concept after selling them)
  • Exclusivity for population under 50,000 people or depending on city
  • 5 years contract – (Can be rescinded after first year if required by the franchisee)

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