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Investment Level £0 - £10,000


Create and deliver high-quality training to your franchise with Nimble. Ensure everyone involved in your franchise business has the skills and knowledge they need to make it a success!

Build beautiful courses with ease and keep track of staff progress at the click of a button. We also offer a range of customisable ready-made online courses covering everything from health and safety to data protection.

Nimble’s platform also works beautifully on any device, so busy franchisees (or their staff out in the field) can access training on phones or tablets at any time.Elearning can be effective for communicating updated product knowledge; clarifying processes and procedures; presenting interactive scenarios to build soft skills; sharing success stories; or even for gathering views via a survey.

With our integrated online solution you can be up and running in minutes – it’s that quick! Our free trial gives you everything you need to see if Nimble is right for you.Whether you’re new to elearning or a training expert, we’re here to help.