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Se Specsavers was born on 14 February 1984 when our founders Doug and Dame Mary Perkins made glasses more accessible to everyone at the best price. From the moment they opened their first store Doug and Mary have always said they had a desire to serve everyone - rich, poor, young and old.

Their spirit of entrepreneurship revolutionised the industry and today Specsavers is a household name with more than 2,500 eyecare and audiology businesses in 11 countries around the world. Each is part-owned and managed by its own store partners.

Our joint venture partnership model means that each store is part-owned and managed by its own directors. The directors are shareholders in their own store business and are supported by our office teams across a range of specialist services such as marketing, accounting, IT and our supply chain. This model ensures that the opticians, audiologists and retailers who run their stores can concentrate on delivering what they do best – providing expert eye and hearing care to their customers.

Partnership has been at the heart of Specsavers since it was founded in 1984 by Doug and Mary Perkins. Doug and Mary pioneered the optical joint venture partnership model and revolutionised the industry with their offer of affordable, fashionable eyecare for everyone, at a time when high prices for optical care and limited choice were the norm.

There are now more than 4,700 Specsavers partners worldwide, all working towards the same vision: to passionately provide best value optometry, audiology and other health care services to everybody, simply, clearly and consistently, exceeding customer expectations every time.

We’ve built trust and loyalty by providing first-class clinical care, unbeatable value, excellent choice, and unwavering quality to our customers.

And we deliver this through partnership, the key to our success.

Our Joint Venture Partnership model sees every one of our stores and domiciliary businesses locally owned by the clinicians who work there. As a Partner, you’re in charge to shape and deliver your services, to build and develop your team, to drive clinical excellence, with the support of Specsavers right behind you

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